A Statement From Our New Head of Inclusion & Belonging

Marcia Torres
July 16, 2021
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A Statement From Our New Head of Inclusion & Belonging

A statement from Marcia Torres, PartnerHero Sr. Global Director of Talent Acquisition and Head of Inclusion & Belonging at PartnerHero, about why creating a welcoming workplace is crucial for PartnerHero and beyond.

I joined PartnerHero in August of 2020 as our Global Director of Talent Acquisition and have seen the team here grow from 600 employees to over 1,300 in a short span of time.  It has been amazing and invigorating to see the team in action.  Now I am stepping into a new role: in addition to my responsibilities as Sr. Global Director of Talent Acquisition, I am also taking on the role of Head of Inclusion & Belonging at PartnerHero.

When I researched PartnerHero, not only did the core values speak to me, but Shervin’s statement around Who We Are spoke volumes to me - I had found this place that I could be a part of without losing myself.  As the team grows not only do we have to focus on helping employees be successful, but also on how to continue to have PartnerHero be a place where our employees can be their true self - and where that true self is celebrated, appreciated and welcomed.

I have always had a passion around Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEI&B) and it has helped me guide and shape my thought processes and policies as a Talent Acquisition and Learning & Development professional. A few months ago I launched a podcast F* The Seat, along with a good friend of mine, to discuss some of the critical conversations going on and share personal experiences around DEIB.  I shared my podcast with the team here and Shervin (PartnerHero CEO) saw the importance of what we were talking about and how it relates to PartnerHero. We began discussing what we could do at PartnerHero to make sure we're addressing these conversations at work too.

We purposely decided not to include Diversity and Equity in the title of this new role.  Those two words have almost become out-of-date as a term of commercial change and we see quotas set to support stereotypical diversity that can encourage bad decisions and become just lip service.  We know that diversity and equity is essential and should just be part of our day-to-day life and operations at PartnerHero.  We want to redefine what it means for companies to be truly inclusive and competitive for the future.  I’m excited to step into this role because I believe that building a culture of inclusion and belonging isn’t just important for PartnerHero’s culture and the success of our partners but that it is every company’s responsibility to make sure employees can be their authentic selves at work. 

Companies that do not take steps to build inclusion and belonging into the backbone of their operations are not only hurting their own business but, more importantly, are perpetuating systems that have left marginalized communities behind, ultimately leading to systemic inequality.  It’s going to take the government, businesses and individuals stepping up to make all places welcoming for everyone. At the end of the day, all of us share the desire to be embraced and appreciated for who we are and I’m really excited to be a leader in making that happen at PartnerHero. 

Over the next few months we will be working to recommit our time and resources to identify how we will do this the PartnerHero way.  We will be using human centric design to open our eyes, learn from our teams who are impacted as marginalized communities to what has been ignored in the past and build a foundation for PartnerHero that will carry us into the future.  We have done work to remove bias in our selection process.  We have done work to improve the diversity of our talent pipeline.  We created a new employer brand that encourages applicants to be who they are - “Be you at PartnerHero”.  We are focused on creating a performance management system that is fair and equitable, considerate of cultural and gender differences.  We will conduct a pay equity analysis by the end of the year.  We will reassess our procurement and purchasing decisions to support women-owned and minority-owned businesses.  And we will be conducting a full review of our policies to make them inclusive and equitable for our teams.  

Are you doing something at your company that is working really well in this area? Got a suggestion for PartnerHero? Please get in touch with me. If there’s one thing I know it’s that this is a challenge that we need to solve together, as a community with our associates, partners and friends.
Not only are we People. Without borders. Without limits. But we want to encourage our teams to come as you are.  Be YOU at PartnerHero.

Marcia Torres

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