Meet: Jonathan Zepeda

April 30, 2019
Meet: Jonathan Zepeda

Hi, I’m Jonathan Zepeda. I’m 23 and I’m a Junior Staff Accountant at PartnerHero. I’ve been working here since 2016. But I  originally started as partner facing member I have a big family and I’m the youngest of six. That means that I always had to fight over the last cookie. No wonder why I’m so competitive.

I love cosmic horror and I’m a big fan of  H.P. Lovecraft. I have his entire collection.
He’s also a big inspiration for my black ink art. Yes, I love drawing. And I like to do it over odd surfaces.  So if I’m in the mood and there’s some black ink nearby, you can bet I’ll be leaving my spot.

(I’m also a fitness addict) Fitness plays a big role in my life. I began running, then moved to bodybuilding, powerlifting and my most recent fitness endeavor was  joining my gym’s CrossFit team. When I’m not exercising my body I’m feeding my brain. I’m really passionate about learning, especially about math and quantitative science.

I’m finishing my bachelor's degree In Banking and Finance. Once I finish college, I will pursue a master in a similar subject I read every morning while having my coffee, but in my spare time,  I like meeting new people and listening to their stories. I'm also a member of a local charity group called “Unidos por Amor”  (We focus on elderly and foster homes).

What I like about my job are numbers; math, accounting, having to stay up to date with new laws and standards (That have a direct impact on my day to day) and (also) applying the things I learn at college. I can definitely say I chose the right career path.

So never stop thriving and developing.

“Stay In School”

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