Meet: Orion Fuentes

August 13, 2019
Meet: Orion Fuentes

My name is Orion. And I’ve been a part of the company for a year and all I can say is this place has taught me a lot. I’m a support hero for the Grindr team.

I am a demi-romantic, asexual, transgender guy, and if you ask me, those are just some of the many boxes I could fit in, but not particularly define me. And luckily for me, I don’t like to stay inside them even if I fit.

I collect rocks. I love crystals and minerals. I have come across fifty different types of them and I have owned more than fifteen. Shout out to Marisia and Julie for her awesome gift!

I practice meditation. I’m a huge fan of self-exploration and deeper self-understanding. I’m also a huge fan of space, both outer and personal.

Learning drives me and it goes all the way from abstract to practical thoughts. I also love to read books, comics, and research papers. I try to learn as much as I can from anything, life experiences, human relationships, books, Ted Talks, the internet; opportunities to learn are infinite.

I just really want to find peace and to be able to appreciate existence fully. My ultimate goal is to have an Alexander Supertramp experience, give up on society and live from nature.

My role at PH, allows me to connect with people from all over the world, learn from different experiences, opens doors to create and share with others. It allows me to experience reality fully and it also motivates me to go further.

Remember, you are the universe endlessly creating yourself, magic is happening.

Don’t be afraid to share your magic with the world.

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