Meet: Sara Storrer

September 4, 2019
Meet: Sara Storrer

Hi, I’m Sara. I’m twenty-six. I’ve been with PartnerHero for two and a half months now and I’m a Remote Support Hero.

I was born in Curitiba, a medium-sized city in southern Brazil where is cold and rainy all the time. I have the craziest mother and I’m the middle child of three.

(fingersnap)The only way for me to be fully functional (fingersnap) is listening to music. I’m crazy about music of all kinds. (fingersnap)

A lot of people in PartnerHero is really devoted to cooking, and some are really good at it. I am not. If I were to mention a passion, I’d say I love singing. Let’s go Karaoke, please!

I love learning. Any subject is interesting to me. That is probably the reason why I started five completely different careers at college: Pharmacy, History, Advertising, Journalism and Medicine.

Being a remote is pretty crazy. And also pretty amazing. I like to think about myself as a citizen of the world. Being part of a company that allows me to go anywhere is the best thing ever.

If you ever feel like visiting Brazil, give me a call! And if you don’t feel like it, please let me confirm something: we DO have the best parties.

It can be here or anywhere, but I’ll see you around.

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