How Prezzee improved their customer experience by adding 24/7 capacity with outsourcing


Prezzee is a leading global gifting platform with operations in North America, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. Co-founder Matt Hoggett founded the business in Australia in 2014 after he realized he forgot a gift card at home while out shopping in Bondi, Sydney. “My card was at home in the top drawer in our study, so I missed out,” he said in a 2015 interview. “But this got me thinking. I wondered whether there was a digital solution to gift cards, ideally for mobile phones.” Over the past eight years, Prezzee has innovated in the gift card space, making it easier for consumers and businesses to send and receive gift cards. But expanding globally to North America and the UK presented challenges, especially for the company’s customer service operations.
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"Because of PartnerHero, we've been able to meet all of our SLAs.”

The challenge

As an Australian company, expanding into US and UK markets made offering support during local business hours challenging. The Australia-based team would either have to add a third shift to cover day-time hours on the other side of the globe, or customers would need to wait hours for a reply to their support inquiries. Neither option was appealing.

“Customers were waiting up to twelve hours to receive a response and in the busier gifting periods, like around Christmas, could wait much longer than that,” says Jennifer Delaney, Manager of US Customer Support. 

These long wait times were having a significant impact on the business at a crucial time when breaking into a new market. “These new customers had questions regarding what we are and who we are and how Prezzee works, and we were not able to get to them in a timely manner,” says Jennifer. “Having to wait for the Australian team to sign on to get an answer is frustrating, especially if they're looking to deliver a gift right away.”

You never want your customer experience to suffer, but it’s even worse when you’re investing heavily in market expansion. Every mistake is magnified by the fact that your brand is unknown and untested. Long customer support wait times could have a significant negative impact on growth. If a customer is primed to buy a card and is unable to in the moment, they may leave and never come back.

“Having a delayed response then kind of puts a bad experience in the customer's mind that, you know, ‘who is this Australian company and and do I really want to give my money to them?’” says Jennifer. 

The solution

Jennifer had experience with PartnerHero from her work at a previous role, so outsourcing stood out immediately as a solution to Prezzee’s challenge of moving into new, far-flung markets. At her former company, Jennifer worked with three BPOs and she brought all three companies to be evaluated for Prezzee.

“Because of the outstanding experience I had with PartnerHero, I advocated the most for them,” says Jennifer. “What makes PartnerHero stand out is their availability in multiple locations across the world. One of my biggest concerns is the work-life balance of my team. Partnering, for example, with a BPO that's only in one country, you're not giving those people a good work-life balance because they often have to work outside of their normal work hours. But with PartnerHero we were really able to build teams within regions that have similar or matching time zones to the regions where we needed assistance.” Prezze worked with PartnerHero to hire teams in Honduras and Brazil that help with their in-house team in New York and San Francisco, and they later added a team in South Africa, which supports their UK operations. Prezzee ramped up quickly with PartnerHero, growing from an initial team of four to 15 associates in less than six months. They were able to take advantage of our Flex service, based out of the Philippines, to add additional temporary support during busy holiday times, as well. Beyond providing the capacity to allow Prezzee to offer 24/7 email and phone support, PartnerHero acts as a true partner to Prezzee. One of the main differentiators between PartnerHero and most BPOs is our deep expertise across the industries we serve. We don’t just provide butts in seats, we become part of your team.

Jennifer backs this up: “PartnerHero is part of our team,” she says. “Any time we want to take on a new project or implement a new feature, PartnerHero is right beside us helping us to achieve our goals.  I rely on PartnerHero to help me work through our challenges and find solutions together as a team.” 

The results

Since bringing on PartnerHero, Prezzee customers no longer have to wait 12 hours for a response to support inquiries, no matter where in the world they are.

“By developing two quality teams for the US and the UK, we were able to finally implement something we called a Prezzee Promise, which is essentially a series of SLAs that we have set up for our customers,” says Jennifer. “Because of PartnerHero, we've been able to meet all of those SLAs.”

As Prezzee continues to grow, PartnerHero will continue to to grow with them, helping them meet increased demand with a consistently high quality customer experience. What’s more, PartnerHero is well positioned to help Prezzee even if their needs grow beyond customer support outsourcing. “I would recommend PartnerHero to any other business needing to grow their support team or start from scratch,” says Jennifer. “If you've got existing training materials that you need help revising, if you've got a trust and safety team, PartnerHero has all the resources for this. They’re a great partner to have.”

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