Learn the secret to a winning game: Player Experience

Delivering amazing player support isn't optional if you want your game to succeed. This ebook will teach you how to do it at scale.

About the ebook

Player support can make or break your game.

Deliver great support, and you'll have a thriving community of happy players who want to invest time in your game and tell all their friends. Mess it up, and you'll see player retention crater as your community turns sour.

Research shows that a third of all consumers will walk away from a product after a bad support experience. First impressions matter, so there is no time it is more important to get your player support right than during a launch.

Download our free ebook to learn tips that guarantee your support team is ready to deliver an amazing player experience and take your game to the next level!

What you'll learn

  • How to prep your team for spikes in support requests
  • Ways to make sure your stack is all systems go for planned launches
  • Methods to quickly onboard temporary team members
  • ...and more.

Ready to outsource?

One of the most effective ways to make sure your player experience team is ready for spikes due to launches, tournaments, or DLC releases is to get them more help. PartnerHero has built experienced player support teams for hundreds of the most well-respected brands in entertainment and tech. Our flexible options mean you can scale up quickly to meet any demand -- whether or not you see it coming.