Grow your business one conversation at a time

Humanize connects your customers to our team of professional agents trained in delivering exceptional customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

High quality CX solutions for small and growing businesses

Stand apart from the competition by delivering personalized, empathetic customer support that could only come from human-to-human interactions. 

'Round the clock coverage

Our agents are ready 24/7 to address your customer needs with quality on-brand support. Compete with the big brands at a fraction of the cost while ensuring that no question goes unanswered. 

Experienced agents at your service

Forget the stress of hiring, training, and managing your own support team and simply tap into PartnerHero’s team of highly trained support agents. No costly ticketing software licenses or employee retention headaches needed—just high quality support and real conversations that drive sales and build brand loyalty.

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Support that scales with your business

Get quality support at a price point that matches every stage of your business—from first sales to market expansion, and beyond. Our flexible monthly plans allow you to scale up during your peak seasons, save costs during the slower months, and stay prepared for any spikes in demand or unexpected growth.

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Now available in the Shopify App Store

Install the Humanize App to unlock effective, high quality support for your Shopify store. Add a customizable contact widget to your Shopify Theme and connect your customers directly to our highly trained Agents. Set a tone that feels authentic to your brand, lay the foundation for a powerful knowledge base, and monitor the quality of interactions–all from your Shopify Admin.

Plans & Pricing

No need to lock into expensive long term contracts— Humanize offers flexible pricing to meet the changing needs of your business. Our plans are priced according to the number of tickets you need and the speed at which you want your requests to be handled. That means you can build a CX strategy that matches both your brand and your budget. 

Low cost for low volume

Plans start as low as $99/month, making outsourced support available to small businesses who may only receive a handful of customer requests each day.
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Ultimate flexibility

Upgrade, downgrade, or buy additional tickets as needed to adapt to seasonal fluctuations, upcoming campaigns, or unexpected spikes in customer demand. 
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