By PartnerHero

The CX Innovators Fund invests in founders from the CX space. Every year we select one or more winners from a pool of applicants to receive $50,000 in funding and mentorship tailored to their unique needs.

Congratulations to our 2023 Winner

You can read about it here.

Why CX Innovators?

Where can you find great founders? Hollywood movies would tell you they’re engineers, designers, and MBAs who attended Ivy League schools. And if you look at who gets most of the venture capital investment dollars... they’re kind of right.

We think we need to tell new stories

At PartnerHero, customer experience is our business, and we believe that the people who eat, sleep, and breathe CX like we do are among the best and brightest in tech. To work in CX you need to be empathetic, resilient, inventive, decisive, and a great communicator.

Sounds like founder material to us!

CX Innovators Fund FAQs

Who is PartnerHero?

We build globally distributed teams of exceptional individuals who provide next level customer experiences and innovative solutions for companies of all sizes. We connect talented and capable people from all over the world with innovative companies who care about business metrics and value. We’re big fans of integrity, finding the right fit, and bringing opportunity to places that have traditionally been left behind.

Why is PartnerHero making this investment?

At PartnerHero we care deeply about customer experience. We strive to provide excellence for our partners and, in turn, help them provide the same to their consumers. We stay on the cutting edge of technology, and we believe that an excellent customer experience is more valuable than anything else.

We also believe that there are many businesses that look past the value of customer support and customer experience. There are tons of great ideas that die right after they’re considered. Some due to lack of time, some due to lack of resources, but many due to lack of support. We passionately believe that there are tons of people working in the CX field with amazing ideas for products who just aren’t getting the support and resources they need to turn them into a reality.

We want to change that. So, we started the CX Innovator Fund.

Where does the funding come from?

PartnerHero is investing resources and funding from our internal assets. PartnerHero has set aside $100,000 and our people’s time to support the CX Innovator Fund. That’s how passionate we feel about supporting the amazing people working in CX to turn their ideas into products that will help companies deliver better customer experience. 

When and where can I apply to the CX Innovator Fund?

Founders can apply for the CX Innovator Fund from January 1, 2023-January 31, 2023. The application is forthcoming. Who is eligible to apply? CX professionals looking to build a CX company. Traditionally, most startup funding has gone to engineers, designers, and people with business degrees. We want to provide a seed funding opportunity for the often overlooked, but supremely talented people who work on the frontlines of customer experience. If you are empathetic, resilient, inventive, decisive, and a great communicator, this is your chance to shine your light for the rest of the CX world to see. 

What is the application process and timeline?

Starting January 1, 2023, founders can submit their application. The application period will end January 31, 2023. A committee of PartnerHero executives and employees will review the pool of applicants during the month of March and funds will be distributed in April 2023.

How does the funding work?

Funds will be distributed utilizing a SAFE note. This is a quicker way for founders to access funding. SAFE rounds don’t require lengthy negotiations, documentation, or the need to agree on a valuation. It also allows for greater flexibility as founders can focus on running their company with limited investor friction. For more information on what a SAFE note is and how it works, click here.  

Tell me more about the mentoring opportunities:

Periodic mentorship sessions across product, business, finance, sales and marketing, design and engineering domains will be available with timelines outlined once funds are received by the founders.Introductions to existing portfolio companies where it makes sense. User testing and direct product feedback from 1000+ CX professionals.