PartnerHero Oath

As investors, we hereby pledge to honor these values. If it is determined by ourselves or a panel of our peers that we have violated these values without reconciliation agreed between all involved parties, then we will voluntarily leave the industry. 


One of the reasons PartnerHero exists is to bring the opportunities created by new economy businesses to people and places that have traditionally been left behind. One way we do that is by building teams of talented folks from around the world — and especially in our hub locations of Honduras, the Philippines, Romania, and South Africa — for fast-growing and values-driven companies. 

Another way we do that is through the CX Innovators Fund, which provides startup capital to a group of people who have been generally overlooked by traditional venture capital firms. But like outsourcing, venture capital is an industry with a lot of room for progress.

We’re doing our small part to improve startup investing  and we are pledging to do so in a way that is fair and equitable for all stakeholders.The Mensarius Oath is an ethical code of conduct for venture capitalists and other finance professionals that is designed to foster positive outcomes for humanity.   Below is a slightly modified version of this oath that we’re using as a set of guiding principles for how we invest through the CX Innovators Fund.

Our Oath

  • As investors, we endeavor to help create positive outcomes for all of humanity.
  • With all our dealings, we create positive outcomes financially and otherwise for all of those involved, including the conscious avoidance of harm to any parties.
  • As members of CX, outsourcing, and capital investment industries, we will help others to achieve the highest standards that we set for ourselves and our organization.
  • As a steward of the trade, we work against any abuse of power that leads to unfair advantage, seduction, corruption or mistreatment.
  • As people in positions of power, we commit to reducing inequality and increasing fairness in society.In honor of the community, we pledge to treat all that approach us with fairness, equality and the attention that each opportunity deserves.
  • As professionals, we are open and honest in all of our dealings with those that we serve, including Investors and Founders.
  • As part of our work, we keep all matters that are understood to be private with all available protections to keep safe from public or other unwanted disclosure.