Associate Utilization.

How we spend our time each week.

All dedicated full-time associates divide their time between production, breaks, and operations improvement. While each job is unique based on the needs and requirements of every partner, our default Utilization Model is designed for balance, peak performance, and professional growth.

32.5 Hrs


2.5 Hrs


5 Hrs
Ops Improvement

Production Time

The time associates spend actively attending to their main job duties such as answering customer tickets, moderating content, and tackling special projects assigned by their supervisor or partner contact. This is the substance of the service we provide and it’s balanced with breaks and operations improvement to keep associates happy and programs running smoothly.


Every associate gets two 15-minute breaks per day to stretch, rest, and recharge. (This is in addition to a lunch break, which isn’t counted into the 40 hours.)

Operations Improvement

Associates spend up to 5 hours per week focusing on operations improvement and personal development. This is the key to maintain high quality programs with high functioning, happy personnel. Average time spent is described below but the details vary between programs.

Operations Improvement.

This is how we devote time & energy each week towards team & individual improvement.

PartnerHero Meeting & Updates

Associates spend up to 1 hour per week engaging with news, updated training, and other content from PartnerHero HQ. This gives the team a sense of connection to the global hero community they’re a part of.
1 Hour

Partner & Program Meetings

Associates attend an average of 1 hour of meetings pertaining to the programs they work on each week, often with our partners present.
1 Hour

1:1 Coaching

Associates meet with their supervisors at least 30 minutes per week to check in on job performance and get coaching on how to achieve personal goals.
1 Hour

Professional Development

Program Managers and partners are encouraged to set aside 1 hour per week for associates to receive new training and develop skills related to their role.
1 Hour

Individual Development

Associates can spend 1 hour of their week developing a skill not strictly related to their current role. This improves job satisfaction and keeps their brains flexible. (Level 2 associates can take up to 2 hours with approval from their partner and supervisor.)

Team Building

All Managers are encouraged to plan at least 30 minutes of low stakes, fun team-building activities per week, be it IRL or remote.