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Tailored automation and AI solutions

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Integrate AI

Automation and AI tools are becoming hugely impactful in the CX space, and like any tool, they require strategic implementation with clean data and maintenance to function properly. PartnerHero’s solutions include AI and automation consulting as well as solution implementation and support.  


AI bots

For most programs, managed bots are an excellent way to increase efficiencies and reduce costs. We work with businesses to create the right solution—whether our own Operator Assist Bot or an integration with a technology partner.


Fractional CXO

Our Fractional CXO network includes operations leaders who specialize in industry specific technology. These experts are available to collaborate on a strategy for choosing and implementing an AI solution that works for the unique needs of your business.


Automation optimization

Our Help Desk and Help Center managed services are both critical needs for businesses looking to optimize their programs for effective integration of automations. Good data management and effective tool setup are 90% of a successful AI program.


Operator Assist

Operator Assist helps associates spend less time searching for information and more time engaging with customers. We work with partners to optimize knowledge data and train their instance of Assist for better AHT, more consistent responses, and streamlined training.

Talk to one of our solutions designers to see how you can bring it all together.

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Talk to one of our solutions designers to see how you can bring it all together.

Exceptional data handling and security

Our security and data teams abide by the strictest compliance benchmarks, both in our services business and technology development.


How it works

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3 + ongoing

We start with a comprehensive 360 audit of your existing technology stack, information integrity, and SOPs to understand the best solution for you.

Week 2

We recommend a solution to fit your unique needs.

Week 3 + ongoing

We help setup or tweak your existing knowledge data.

“Thanks to PartnerHero, our growth has been remarkable and we are extremely grateful for their role in our success.”

Ines Elyseu // Manager of Marmalade’s CX department

We elevate your teams impact with a comprehensive suite of AI-Driven capabilities — all in one platform

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