About Us

We build globally distributed teams of exceptional individuals who provide next level customer experiences and innovative solutions for companies of all sizes. 





We're a BPO committed
to doing better

The BPO industry is relatively young but has gained a bad reputation in that short time. When people think about outsourcing, they usually think about low quality and even worse ethics. 

We’re proof that there is a better way. 

We connect talented and capable people from all over the world with innovative companies who care about business metrics and values. We're big fans of integrity, finding the right fit, and bringing opportunity to places that have traditionally been left behind.

33% YoY 
Partner Growth

Average Employee
Tenure: 545 Days 

<1.2% Monthly
Voluntary Attrition


Our Mission

Our mission is to extend the impact of innovative companies to economically underserved communities in the US and abroad, giving talented people the world over the opportunity to grow and thrive. 

Because hard work, passion and talent have no bounds. 

We are PartnerHero. People. Without borders. Without limits. 

Core Values

Culture leads, success follows. Our core values bring intention to what we do and set the tone for our culture. From the partners we serve to the associates who work with us, we share a set of core values that guide our actions. 

Be Humble

Take Ownership

Embrace Growth

Manifest Trust

Care For Others

Meet some of the team

Fabiano Pereira (He/Him) Team Lead on Etsy
Ex - AmEx, Google
Loves: Puzzles
Dislikes: Sparkling Water 
Based in: São Paulo, Brazil
Heather Casey (She/Her) President and COO
Ex - Coursera, Genentech 
Loves: Backpacking
Dislikes: Goat cheese
Based in Boise, Idaho
Maurice Alexander (He/Him)
Director of Workplace Services
Loves: Exercise
Dislikes: Soda 
Based in San Pedro Sula, Honduras 
Darnell Witt (He/Him)
VP of Business Development
Ex - Vimeo 
Loves: Yoga, his cat, trees
Dislikes: Plastic, hate 
Based in Sebastopol, CA
Danica Podolig (She/Her)
Team Manager, GRINDR
Ex - Startek, Teleperformance 
Loves: Positive vibes 
Dislikes: Dishonesty 
Based in Manila, Philippines 

Josh Magsam (He/Him)  
Sr. Director, Dedicated Teams
Ex - Discogs, Lit Professor
Loves: Hiking
Dislikes: Snakes, bureaucracy 
Based in Rockingham, NC

Shervin Talieh (He/Him), Founder, CEO
Ex - Accenture, Drumbi 
Loves: Music
Dislikes: Winner-takes-all thinking 
Based in Boise, Idaho
Alana Lucas (She/Her)
New Program Launch Manager
Ex- Ipsy
Loves: Road trips, reading
Dislikes: Puffy Foods
Based in Denver, Colorado
Maurice Alexander (He/Him)
Director of Workplace Services
Loves: Exercise
Dislikes: Soda 
Based in San Pedro Sula, Honduras