Nearshore Solutions in Latin America

PartnerHero has long been a Magnet Employer in Honduras and Brazil, and we are now growing in Guatemala and Costa Rica as well. Our near-shore teams are full of talented individuals with high-level English skills (C1 and above) and great cultural & time zone alignment to US businesses.

In a region full of “Call Centers,” PartnerHero stands out by offering amazing opportunities with our innovative partners and heavy investment in our employees’ career growth. 

Welcome to Honduras

Honduras is home to loads of talented, multi-lingual individuals with excellent English proficiencies and diverse skill sets.

  • Great cultural and timezone alignment with the US
  • BPO industry hotspot with lots of experienced support professionals
  • Highest amount of early English education per Capita in all of Central America
  • PartnerHero is a well-establishged magnet employer with beautiful offices in the capital (TGU) and business capital (SPS)

Meet some of our amazing LATAM colleagues

Meet: Maria Rivera
San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Meet: David Cerrato
San Pedro Sula, Honduras

PartnerHero Honduras

Century Business Square
San Pedro Sula

Centro Corporativo
Agalta 1001
Boulevard Morazan
Tegucigalpa, Honduras