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We’re building exceptional learning experiences

We make eLearning seamless, empowering learners, instructors, and administrators to get the most out of their digital experience.

Udemy students and instructors are in every corner of the world. As we continue to expand, we rely on PartnerHero to help scale high-quality customer support experiences.

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  • 24/7 learner support
  • C2 English and above
  • Technical expertise in top learning platforms
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We support learners and teachers alike, making for an exceptional educational experience.


QA that ensures the highest level of quality interaction and helps your platform get better.

Help Desk Optimization

Educational technology comes with specific challenges. Let our experts help you navigate.


Providing a safe environment is a prerequisite for optimized learning.


Welcome to the PartnerHero way

Your journey is our journey

Thought leaders in your corner.

Metrics that get you where you’re going.

A step ahead when you can’t be.

An extension of the brand you love.


Partners in building healthy communities


Unlike other BPOs, the English proficiency standard at PartnerHero is C2, so support from anywhere feels like home.

User and
System Support

Support for learners, instructors, and administrators as they navigate the rapidly changing world of eLearning.


Every learning organization works differently and shows up in various channels. We adapt to you.


Some things you’ve got to do by the book like—privacy and security

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When it comes to personal data, privacy and security we follow the golden rule and always treat your data the same way we’d want ours to be treated—that is, held to the highest rigor. We’ve done the work to ensure that the privacy and security of you teams is taken care of.

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Quality resources to get you the answers you seek

AI and Automation

Transform your customer service with AI and outsourcing

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