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The food business
moves fast—we
help you keep up.

We have the infrastructure to move quickly and the flexibility to support your daily and seasonal peaks, so your customers’ only worry is choosing the right entrée.

Between April and August 2022, CSAT steadily improved from the initial 89% benchmark to an impressive 97% score.

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  • 24/7 support teams
  • Custom hiring and evaluations
  • C2 and above English capabilities

Accelerate your product success


Highly trained CX professionals care for your customers, strengthening your reputation.


QA that ensures thoughtful interactions and helps your business get better.

Help Desk Optimization

Make the most out of your resources with optimized tools that work for you.


Providing a safe environment is of the highest importance when people are dealing with health.


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Your journey is our journey

Thought leaders in your corner.

Metrics that get you where you’re going.

A step ahead when you can’t be.

An extension of the brand you love.


Partners in innovation and compliance


Unlike other BPOs, the English proficiency standard at PartnerHero is C2, so support from anywhere feels like home.

User and
System Support

We know all about the lunchtime rush—and the need to support customers reliably as they navigate the modern mealtime.


Every food service business works differently and shows up in various channels. We adapt to you.


Handling PII data with care is critically important

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When it comes to personal data, privacy and security we follow the golden rule and always treat your data the same way we’d want ours to be treated—that is, held to the highest rigor. We adhere to global standards  (GDPR, CCPA, and ISO) that require responsible and ethical management of personal data.


The 7 best customer service strategies

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Resources for all your Food and Delivery CX Support questions and beyond

Trust and Safety

Ensuring inclusive social media: the importance of anti-bias training in content moderation

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