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Flawless English speakers who are passionate about inclusivity is a good way to describe our US associates. Located in Boise, Idaho, Grand Rapids, Michigan and Greensboro, North Carolina, the folks that make up our teams are a diverse and thoughtful group. Our inclusive culture and  fantastic benefits make PartnerHero a great place to work.  

Welcome to Boise

Boise Idaho is fast earning a reputation as one of the best places to live in the USA making it a dynamic location for our N. American Hub.

  • Surrounded by 8 Universities, Boise is host to plenty of college graduates.
  • Boise's bustling and modern urban area is stitched together with a pedestrian greenway called the greenbelt, making it easy enjoy a huge variety of retail and dining options without losing sight of nature.
  • Boise continues to be one of the fastest growing cities in the USA.
  • PartnerHero's office is located in the heart of downtown Boise with sweeping views of the city and the surrounding mountain ranges.


Boise, ID.

The office is beautiful, yes, but that’s not what makes PartnerHero Boise a special place to work.

“You can be you at work. "

Meet some of our amazing N. America colleagues

Meet: Josh Magsum
N. Carolina via PDX

Meet: Tara Kennedy
Boise, Idaho

PartnerHero N. America

Boise Office
250 S. 5th Street #400
Boise, ID. 83702