Trust & Safety teams you can count on

PartnerHero builds exceptional Content Moderation and Trust & Safety teams dedicated to increasing trust in your brand. 

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Trust & Safety

Keep your community safe

PartnerHero combines industry experts with professional teams to help you combat threats to your brand and business.

Training & Quality

Our focus on training and quality reduces risk to your brand, making it easy to adopt new policies, systems and guidelines.

Domain Expertise

We help leading companies enforce their community guidelines and have top talent on staff to help guide the way. 

Trauma Informed

Our approach is people-first. We provide a range of wellness services to ensure your team’s mental and emotional health are taken care of.

Anytime, Anywhere

We are a global company that can build teams in any language and timezone.


Whether it's online risk abatement like Content Moderation and Identity Verification or offline Trust & Safety issues, our teams are equipped to jump in and help in any language and timezone.

Online risk abatement

  • Content moderation
  • Account security
  • Payment fraud compliance (background checks, AMI, OFAC, etc.)
  • Identity verification

Offline risk abatement

  • Reports of threats, violence, self-harm
  • Investigations of illegal activity and law enforcement liaison
  • Property damage review and assistance crisis incident management

"With PartnerHero, I'm in full control. I can easily train the team on new policies and guidelines and can quickly share feedback. Unlike other content moderation outsources I've worked with, I know I can trust my PartnerHero to not let anything slip through the cracks."

Director of Trust & Safety
From a company with tens-of-thousands of users uploading content every day

"We know we are in good hands with PartnerHero. Their leadership is top-notch and they have true experts working on our problems. With PartnerHero we've been able to scale our operations at a very reasonable cost. I can't say enough good things about the partnership."

Director of Customer Experience


Trust & Safety

Many companies build TnS as a reaction to a fire. "How do we respond!?" They then reverse engineer a reaction to minimize loss.

Our ethic and core offering start from a foundation of resilience and bring experts to build sound policies and responses that create support systems for users and staff, not just put out fires.