Dedicated Teams Outsourcing

An organic extension of your in-house team.

Dedicated Teams are custom, global teams that serve as an organic extension of your in-house support operations. PartnerHero builds custom teams of exceptional customer service professionals who can support your customers in any time zone and any language through omni channel communication.

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Fully integrated individuals that match your brand

We find the perfect people

The talent we attract and match to your team is key to the success of your team. So how do we match professionals to your customer service team? We use custom hiring profiles and challenging, creative custom assessments. We look for advanced communication and problem solving skills to ensure that the people we staff for your team are going to be able to support your customers in a wide variety of scenarios.

We know that retaining talent is as important as attracting it. We accomplish that by paying above market, offering excellent benefits, and maintaining a warm, progressive company culture that makes employees feel at home. By matching the right talent to the right clients (or, as we call them, partners), we create the conditions for long-term relationships that lead to success in our partners’ businesses and for the personal growth of our employees.

The team structure is totally customizable, ranging from tier 1 support to tier 3 agents, team leads, and project managers. At scale, you can layer in dedicated quality analytics, trainers, and workforce management analysts to make it a fully self-sufficient managed operation. 

If you are not ready for that level of scale, you can start with as few as two dedicated customer support agents (or, as we call them, associates) with a Shared Manager. Layer in a dedicated Team Lead once you want PartnerHero to own key operations like QA and training. You can also add a dedicated Program Manager with deep experience in customer service management, handpicked to help you achieve your operational goals.  

Want to learn more about how PartnerHero’s Program Management Scaling works? Take a look at the comparison chart between the different plans: Flex Support, Dedicated Teams, Managed Operations.

Build an extension of your in-house team

Dedicated customer service professionals around the world

An international reach to support your customers up to 24/7

We use a follow-the-sun model and build distributed global teams to provide support up to 24/7 without using graveyard shifts. That means your teammates are working during their normal working hours no matter where in the world they are - onshore, nearshore, or offshore. We cover every time zone to make sure we’re always there for your customers: N. America, LATAM, EMEA, and APAC

How much will outsourcing with Dedicated Teams cost?

We know you're wondering...

Our pricing model is simple and transparent. The cost model is itemized, which means you have a flat monthly rate per headcount per month depending on job level and location, starting at $1,975 per associate, per month. Rates are inclusive of holidays and time off.

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Worried about losing quality if you outsource?

Clients that have built outsourced Dedicated Teams with PartnerHero

What is the key to long-lasting partnerships and quality CX?

Recruiting is a priority! We gladly take on the effort to guarantee we hire the best talent to work with your brand

Dedicated Teams are teams of experienced customer service professionals that are ready to support your customers. The folks on your Dedicated Team are trained on your tools, workflows and brand voice so they match your in-house team’s passion and voice when working with your customers. PartnerHero associates working with your team receive the benefits, perks and awesome culture that makes PartnerHero an incredible place to work. This translates into a high level of engagement and very low voluntary turnover rate. 
Meet some of our fantastic teammates who provide support for partners who decided to outsource with PartnerHero.

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How Dedicated Teams work

The launch framework is a 4 week process designed to set your team up for success. We take custom hiring seriously, and we take the time to find the right people to match with your company. You will meet with our Solution Designers to share more about your business and define your outsourcing needs.

Step 01

We work together to create a tailored solution that makes sense for your operations.

Step 02

You’ll meet with our Launch Managers and keep a close relationship during the recruiting and setup process. We’ll collaborate to build your custom hiring assessment, handpick your team, and sync regularly as your program launch gets close.

Step 03

We’ll continue to stay in close contact during the rest of the process (training and beyond), to ensure we are supporting all of your business needs as we get deeper into the partnership. From tools and product knowledge to brand voice and processes, our customer service professionals are fast learners who will be ready to absorb the training quickly.

Step 04

Your team is live and helping your customers. But this is not traditional outsourcing. We go beyond filling your forecasted headcount. It’s important for us that there’s a valuable impact on your team and customers. We will be in touch regularly through shared channels like Slack, weekly or monthly meetings with leadership for custom reports, insights and other relevant resources.

Is Dedicated Teams right for me?

Here are some factors to look at when considering working with Dedicated Teams:

If you see something that doesn't match, our other plans might be a better fit for your needs. Take a look at Flex Support and Managed Operations.

Enhance your customer experience journey with a dedicated team.

Experts in the tools that make Inbox Zero possible

Below are just some of the CRM tools that we've used for email support with partners for years. Besides helping you navigate the nuances of each of these unique solutions, our in-house engineering team can help you customize your CRM experience with unique integrations to make your job easier.

Take Aprikot everywhere you grow

Here to ensure Quality stay front and center—even in your Inbox

Managed Services

Layer in extra resources to level up your operations. Learn more about what we offer.

Quality Assurance

At PartnerHero, we approach Quality Assurance with a holistic and trend based perspective, as opposed to solely focusing on individual performance. This allows us to implement a framework and set of standards to create predictably high quality support teams and offer process improvements along the way. We care so much about Quality, that we even have a home-built QA tool designed specifically for our teams!


We have a world-class Learning & Development team ready to help you build training for your team. Once we get an understanding of your systems, tools, brand voice and workflows we can level-up your training so everyone on your PartnerHero team is up-to-date.

Workforce Management

Workforce management is a crucial element of any customer support team and covers everything from forecasting to scheduling and ensuring that all agents are on the right channels at the right time. It is the foundation for highly efficient customer support teams. For very small teams with low volume, workforce management is typically done by the team manager. As teams scale and forecasting, scheduling and channel management become bigger challenges, workforce management will become your best friend.

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What is Dedicated Teams customer support outsourcing?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dedicated Teams customer support outsourcing?
Dedicated Teams is a PartnerHero service that allows you to hire a team of 2-25 people that serve as an organic extension of your team. We work closely with you to define the profile of candidates you are looking for and then continue to support your team with additional services as needed (like management, training, quality assurance). 

Can I have a Dedicated Team with just one person?
We require a minimum of 2 people for a Dedicated Team, however with Flex Support, you can book dedicated hours which can be the equivalent of a dedicated person. Contact the Solution Team to discuss. 

How long does it take to get started?
It takes a minimum of 4 weeks to launch a Dedicated Team. We put a lot of care and attention into hiring and matching the right talent to your team. If you are looking for something that we can launch sooner you can book dedicated hours with Flex Support. 

How do I choose a location for my team?
We use a follow-the-sun model and have multiple location options within every timezone. We can find native English speakers and fluent English language speakers to cover your exact requirements. 

What guarantees do I have for the quality of my team?
During the launch process we collaborate on a custom hiring profile and challenging custom assessment to ensure we find the right fit for your program. We calibrate often and after launch, meet weekly to ensure your team is meeting (and as often as possible, exceeding) your expectations.  

How do the rolling contracts work?
Rolling contracts prevent you from having to decide on any long term agreements and keep us motivated to re-earn your partnership month after month. Flexible terms allow your Dedicated Team to shift and evolve alongside your in-house operation, and you can cancel at any time with 90 days notice. 

How much does it cost to outsource a Dedicated Team?
Our rates start at $1,975 per month per associate. Get on a call with our Solution Team to get a personalized quote that will work perfectly for your needs.  

Which industries do we serve? 
Fintech, eCommerce & Marketplace, EdTech, HealthTech, IoT, PropTech, MarTech, B2B SaaS, B2C Saas, and Non-Profit. Any sector that cares about quality and cultural alignment is a great fit for PartnerHero. 

Can I upgrade or downgrade my Dedicated Teams plan?
Yes, our flexible contracts allow you to scale quickly, and scale down when your volume decreases using a combination of permanent and temporary staff.

What type of support does Dedicated Teams provide?
We provide omnichannel: Email, chat, phone, social, SMS, and more.

How do I start using the Dedicated Teams plan?
Meet with our Solution Design Team to share your needs. We’ll propose a team size and structure based on the outcomes you hope to achieve. Once you’ve signed a contract there is a 4 week implementation process that covers hiring and making sure your training is ready to go. Once your team is live we continue to meet on a regular basis (weekly or monthly depending on your preference) to share feedback, customer insights, reporting etc.

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