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A major challenge for customer support managers is maintaining cost-effective, high quality customer experience as their companies and customer support needs grow. With PartnerHero Managed Operations, you will have the right team structure and people to meet your goals, without losing the quality or brand-alignment your customers count on.

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True quality at scale

To build your Managed Operations Team we hand pick and custom assemble a dedicated team that feels like an extension of your in-house team. This is a team of customer service professionals who deliver cost-effective, high-quality customer experiences that match your brand voice. 
Managed Operations are teams of 25+ individuals with all the supporting services that large teams require. This means that your team will be fully equipped with Program Managers, Team Managers, Team Leads, dedicated Quality Analysts, dedicated Trainers, and Workforce Management Analysts -  all built into the model.  

You can grow your Managed Operations team from 25 to 250, layer in seasonal flexible support as needed, or anything you need to get the coverage you desire. We have dynamic workforce management models. 

Managed Operations is outsourcing at scale with fixed staffing ratios. As your team grows you can be sure that it is scaling with all the support it needs to deliver outstanding customer experiences.

A step closer to worry-free growth

Dedicated customer service professionals around the world

An international reach to support your customers up to 24/7.

We use a follow-the-sun model and build distributed global teams to provide support up to 24/7 without using graveyard shifts. That means your teammates are working during their normal working hours no matter where in the world they are - onshore, nearshore, or offshore. We cover every time zone to make sure we’re always there for your customers: N. America, LATAM, EMEA, and APAC

How much will Managed Operations outsourcing cost?

We know you're wondering...

We have hourly pricing with different cost models to suit your preference. We offer worked hour and productive hour rates. 

You can choose a blended or itemized hourly rate price. The blended hour includes the managed services in the price of your associates’ production. The itemized version allows you to pay a unique rate per role, and easily customize your staffing ratios along the way.

In both scenarios, we provide a fully transparent cost model showing you how we arrived at our pricing, regardless of your selection.

Talk to our Solution Designers to get a free personalized quote.

Afraid of losing quality if you scale through outsourcing?

Here are some partners that have scaled their operations without compromising quality.

What is the key to quality at scale?

Hiring is key for your success

We find the best talent to work with your company. A team of experienced professionals that are ready to take on any customer interaction with your brand voice and passion. Additionally, all associates on your team are employees of PartnerHero with benefits. This translates into a high level of engagement and low voluntary turnover rate. 

Meet some of our teammates that put their heart and soul into the work they do for other PartnerHero customers.

Meet some more of our heroes or connect with us to learn more about building your team.

How PartnerHero’s Managed Operations work

The launch framework is an 8 week process designed to set your team up for success. It involves coordinating resources across IT, Talent Acquisition, Operations, and more at both organizations. You will meet with our Solution Designers to share more about your business and define your outsourcing needs.

Step 01

We will collaborate with you to design a customized solution to support the size and scale of your operations.

Step 02

You’ll meet with our Launch Managers and work closely together during the hiring and setup process. We’ll collaborate to build your personalized hiring assessments, handpick your team, and meet regularly leading into program launch.

Step 03

We’ll continue to meet regularly during training and beyond, staying in close contact to support your business needs as they evolve. From product knowledge, and tools, to processes and brand voice, our customer service professionals are fast learners who will make sure your customers get the best experience.

Step 04

Your team is running smoothly now. Kudos! But this is not traditional outsourcing. It isn’t about filling a seat, but generating valuable impact for your company and customers. We’ll be in touch regularly, through shared channels like Slack and weekly or monthly meetings with leadership to share custom reports, customer insights and anything else that might be relevant for you and your team.

Scale while delivering high quality performance.

Is Managed Operations the way to go?

Here are some facts about Managed Operations so you can decide if it's right for you

Grow your team with Managed Operations

Experts in the tools that make Inbox Zero possible

Below are just some of the CRM tools that we've used for email support with partners for years. Besides helping you navigate the nuances of each of these unique solutions, our in-house engineering team can help you customize your CRM experience with unique integrations to make your job easier.

Take Aprikot everywhere you grow

Here to ensure Quality stay front and center—even in your Inbox

Managed Services

Beyond the dedicated leadership your teams will have the following managed services as a resource

Quality Assurance

At PartnerHero, we approach Quality Assurance with a holistic and trend based perspective, as opposed to solely focusing on individual performance. This allows us to implement a framework and set of standards to create predictably high quality support teams and offer process improvements along the way. We care so much about Quality, that we even have a home-built QA tool designed specifically for our teams!

“Quality goes beyond catching associates making mistakes. It is the engine behind continuously improving processes, procedures, policies, the customer experience, the employee experience and so much more!” - Sarah Ellenberg

Sarah’s passion for Quality comes from her drive to positively impact lives through exceptional customer service. Sarah has experience in every aspect of Quality, from rubric creation and calibration to root cause analysis and using QA insights to drive process improvements. Her QA philosophy is a blend of COPC standards, Lean Six Sigma practices, and firsthand experience as an CS operations manager. Prior to PartnerHero, Sarah led and developed QA operations in North America for Airbnb.


We have a world-class Learning & Development team ready to skill up your dedicated training specialists through the Trainer Certification (TCP). The TCP has certification tracks in facilitation, instructional design, and assessment/evaluation.

“The goal should be to build a training that truly sets agents up for success which will turn into better customer experiences and better employee retention. Getting management buy-in into how long and how split up training needs to be in order to best set agents up for success is foundational to having a good outcome.” - Robyn Barton

After eight years of hypergrowth leading training for Airbnb’s 250 person Global Safety & Claims team, Robyn Barton joined PartnerHero to head up Learning & Development in August 2020. During her time at Airbnb she learned a thing or two about how to build and scale successful training so that every hire is confident and ready to excel in their roles and now she brings that expertise to PartnerHero.


PartnerHero’s breadth of scale, with teams from 2 to 150 Associates, lets us adapt workforce management best practices across varying teams. We bring the intimacy of two person team management to 100+ person teams, and the efficiency of 100+ person teams to even the smallest. For department leaders, this also opens up vast future-proofing opportunities.

“Workforce management is the single place I most needed external support and tools as a CX department head at venture backed startups. Engaging with PartnerHero would have significantly improved my CX metrics like response time and CES, made budgeting far easier and made me a better partner for marketing and operations leaders.” Stephen Hazeltine

What is managed operations outsourcing?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Managed Operations outsourcing?
In three words, managed operations outsourcing with PartnerHero means “quality at scale.” For a team of more than 25 FTE, we start to layer in resources like dedicated QA, training, and WFM that allow your team to scale from 25 to 250 seamlessly.

What is the difference between a worked hour and a productive hour? 
A worked hour is the hours your dedicated personnel are logged into your systems and doing work, which could include meetings, trainings, special projects and more. 

Productive hour models are priced so that Managed Operations partners are billed only for those hours when associates are actively handling customer inquiries or doing after-ticket-work or available to receive a call.

What is the difference between a blended model and an itemized model? 
In a blended model, the bundled services are included in the associate rate. In an itemized model, you pay for each support role as a separate line item, for greater transparency and customizability.

How much does it cost to outsource a Managed Operations team?
You get the same value as an outsourced Dedicated Team, but you benefit from further “economies of scale.” Our blended rates decrease as your operation grows.

What managed services are included in a Managed Operation? 
Quality Assurance, Training, Knowledge Management (optional), Reporting, and Workforce Management are all part of Managed Operations. We don’t have a “one size fits all” solution. We customize these roles to fit your needs.

Which industries do you serve? 
Fintech, eCommerce & Marketplace, EdTech, HealthTech, IoT, PropTech, MarTech, B2B SaaS, B2C Saas, and Non-Profit. Any sector that cares about quality and cultural alignment is a good fit for PartnerHero.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my Managed Operations plan?
Yes, our flexible contracts allow you to scale quickly, and scale down when your volume decreases using a combination of permanent and temporary staff.

What type of support does Managed Operations provide?
Managed Operations can provide support on any channel from email to chat, phone, social, SMS, and more.

How long does the contract last for Managed Operations?
We have the most flexible contracts in the business. One year, followed by rolling terms of 3 to 6 months that scale along with your team size. No annual negotiation or fixed term lengths to navigate. 

How do I start using Managed Operations?
Managed Operations plans are highly customizable and tailored to fit your unique business needs. The best place to start is to meet with our Solution Design Team for a free personalized consultation. The first step is to meet with our Solution Design Team to share your needs. We’ll propose a team size and structure based on your desired outcomes. Once you’ve signed a contract there is a 8 week implementation process that covers hiring and making sure your training is ready to go. Once your team is live we continue to meet on a regular basis (weekly or monthly depending your preference) to share feedback, customer insights, reporting etc.

Have more questions or ready to get started?

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Talk to our Solutions Team for a free consultation.

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