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Startups need to be nimble. You can’t lock yourself into multi-year contracts and you need to be able to turn on a dime when things inevitably change. 

That’s why PartnerHero’s standard contract starts at 30 days rolling, and we have flexible options that meet you where your business is right now.

Plus, we can launch fast and scale up quickly as your volume increases.

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Whether you’re expanding to new markets, supporting customers in additional languages, or need overnight or weekend coverage, PartnerHero has an option for you. 

With offices in the US, Honduras, Romania, and the Philippines, and remote employees in dozens of countries, we have truly global reach.

We can support your customers 24/7 via email, live chat, phone, or social media.


Customer service is one of the most tangible ways your customers experience your brand. ParterHero associates act like an extension of your team.

They’re always on message, on brand, and prioritize delivering an amazing customer experience.

Whether they’re talking to someone on your internal team or someone at PartnerHero, your customers will never know the difference.


PartnerHero is not just another call center. In fact, we’re the furthest thing from it! Our ops team consists of equal parts CX pros and startup vets, so we understand what building a startup is like.

We’re true thought partners who will help you solve problems and grow your business.

Looking for something else? We also offer trust & safety, content moderation, software QA, and more.

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Ready to Outsource?

Whether you’re preparing to scale up quickly or you just need to get your engineers and leadership team out of the inbox, your startup can leverage outsourcing to grow. PartnerHero has built experienced customer support teams for brands like Loom, Cloze, Meetup, and many more. Our flexible options mean you can get started no matter what stage you’re at and scale up quickly as you grow.