CX Maturity Model Assessment

Get actionable advice about how to take your company’s customer experience to the next level.

What is the CX Maturity Model?

The CX Maturity Model assessment is a free tool that enables CX leaders to benchmark their customer experience programs and get customized guidance about how to improve. Take the  short assessment below (it takes about 5 minutes) and get a free report tailored to your brand.

The PartnerHero CX Maturity Model is an interactive assessment that helps customer experience leaders better understand areas where they can improve their CX.

It takes about five minutes to complete the assessment, and then you’ll receive a personalized report that places your CX program at one of five levels: Initial, Emergent, Structured, Integrated, or Optimized. You’ll also receive customized recommendations for how you can improve.

Your potential outcomes

Initial Maturity
You have likely just started working towards creating a more developed customer experience strategy.

Emergent Maturity
You’ve started to define processes and figure out the best paths for your team.

Structured Maturity
You’ve started to identify some of the areas that would most benefit from more attention or improvement.

Integrated Maturity
You have a dynamic, cross-functional team with a controlled meaningful structure across your organization.

Optimized Maturity
Your team is a great example of CX maturity, having worked to create processes & implement best practices.

The CX Maturity Model was developed by customer experience leaders at PartnerHero with decades of combined experience. It helps companies make better decisions about their CX strategy, management, and implementation by highlighting areas where improvements can be made.

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