Pre-Employment Requirements for MNL Hires

(Updated as of September 2022)
Hello! We are so thrilled that you have decided to join the PartnerHero team and can hardly wait for you to get started. As we work towards your start date there are several pre-employment requirements that we need. This document serves as your pre-employment checklist.

Please review the pre-employment items below, they must be submitted prior to signing your contract with PartnerHero. Your recruiter and our Talent team will be there to help you along the way with completing these pre-employment requirements. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us at


Non-Negotiable Requirements

(To be submitted prior to Contract Signing)

  • Proof of Access to SSS Online Account / Screenshot of SSS Employee Static Information
  • Pag-IBIG Member’s Data Form / Loyalty Card / Transaction Card
  • PhilHealth Member Data Record / PhilHealth ID
  • Stamped TIN Verification Slip
  • Photocopy of two (2) Valid Government IDs with 3 specimen wet signatures for Bank Account Enrollment
  • Pre-Employment Medical Exam Routing Slip
  • Background check form (TBD)
  • Consent Form
  • Signed BIR Waiver (if you don't have a previous employer this year or, the BIR 2316 is not yet available from the previous employer)

Secondary Requirements

(To be submitted 1 month after Onboarding)

  • PSA Birth Certificate of Associate (NSO is no longer valid)
  • PSA Birth Certificate of Dependent/s if applicable (NSO is no longer valid)
  • Stamped BIR Form 1905
  • BIR Form 2316 for current year (if not employed within the year, fill out BIR waiver
  • Certificate of Employment from most recent Company hired
  • Valid NBI Clearance (TBD)

FAQ's | General

I have some documents that I think can substitute one of the requirements on the list, will it be accepted?
We will NOT accept any substitute document or alternative submissions. We will only accept the requirements indicated in the list.

I don't have some of the requirements on the list. How can I start applying for these requirements?
Try accessing these sites first to check if you can get the following:
- SSS WEBSITE -Retrieve your access if you have already created an account before.
- PAG-IBIG SERVICES - You can check your number online as long as you have your RTN.
- PHILHEALTH DIRECTORY - Go to the nearest branch to request for Proof of Philhealth.
- BIR HOTLINE AND DIRECTORY - Go to the nearest branch to request for Proof of TIN or locate your current RDO for 1905 transfers.
- RENEW YOUR NBI CLEARANCE - Create an account to request for a new clearance.
- PSA SERBILIS SERVICES - Request for PSA Birth Certificates for you and your dependents

What IDs can be accepted for Payroll Enrollment?

CHECK FOR ID COMBINATIONS HERE - IDs to be submitted for Payroll Enrollment must all be valid and have consistent details and signatures.

Quick Fixes:
Some Philhealth Offices still issue Paper IDs as temporary Proof of Philhealth. It usually takes half a day to process Barangay IDs or Police Clearances (must be photo bearing, bears your FULL NAME with Middle Name, Signature and Date of Birth).

How long will it take me to process certain requirements?
The average turnaround time depends on whether you’re a new or existing member for the Government Statutory Requirements.

- PEME - 4-6 hours to finish all medical exams
- NBI - 1 week up to 45 calendar days to get physical clearance
- PSA Birth Certificate - 3 days up to 3 weeks for home delivery
- SSS / Philhealth / BIR / Pag-Ibig Documents - 1-3 business days

Where should I submit the requirements?
Your Talent Coordinator will create a Google Shared file where you can upload your requirements in PDF format.

Upon my submission of complete requirements, how soon can I expect my contract to be available for review?
- Review and Signing of PartnerHero Contract - 1-2 business days
- PartnerHero Onboarding Logistics - 3-5 business days


I do not have access to my SSS online account. Will it suffice to present my E1/E4 or SSS Number Slip or SSS/UMID ID instead?
Having access to your SSS online account is mandatory. Presenting other forms of SSS documents will not exempt you from this requirement.

Visit your nearest SSS branch and request access to your online account.

I already accessed my SSS online account in the past but I can no longer open it. How can I retrieve my access?
Passwords expire every 90 days.

Visit your nearest SSS branch if you cannot access your account using the online retrieval process. You may also take this opportunity to update your SSS records such as your email address and active mobile number.

Why is it important to have access to my SSS online account?
Having access to your own online account allows you to monitor important information such as, your Monthly Contributions, Employment History and Active SSS Loans.

In the future, you may be required to submit supplementary information that are readily available in your SSS online account.


Can I submit other proof of TIN such as my TIN ID or BIR forms in replacement of the Stamped TIN Verification Slip?
The Stamped TIN Verification Slip is required since it reflects the current RDO you are registered in. You may request for this document at your nearest BIR branch.

I haven’t registered for my TIN yet. How can I process this if it’s my first time?
Fill out the 1902 form in two (2) copies. Attach the following Documentary Requirements in each form:

- PSA Birth Certificate of the associate- Two (2) valid IDs with 3 specimen signatures- Marriage contract and PSA Birth Certificate of declared dependents, if applicable

Why do I need to transfer RDO and submit a stamped 1905? How do I process this?
As per MEMORANDUM ORDER NO. 37-2019, the employee is responsible for updating their RDO records upon acceptance of new employment.

Steps to follow:
1. Call 981-7000 (BIR Customer Service Hotline) or check with your most recent employer to inquire where your record is currently registered.
2. If your current RDO is the same as your residence RDO, request a TIN Verification Slip from any BIR branch nearest you.
3. If your current RDO is not the same as your residence RDO, check if it’s possible to transact your transfer online via the BIR Customer Service Hotline.
4. If online transaction is not possible, go physically to your current RDO’s BIR branch and get your fully accomplished 1905 form stamped by a BIR Authorized agent.

I was employed by a different company this year. When can I get my 2316?
2316 is usually released by your previous company’s HR along with an employee’s Clearance and Off-boarding Documents.

Quick Fix: If your 2316 for the current year is not released yet, fill out a BIR WAIVER instead.

FAQ's | Medical Exam

Where can I get my Medical Exam? Which branch is nearest me?
HI-PRECISION BRANCHES - check the address and schedule of your branch of choice.
Notify your recruiter of your branch of choice ASAP for HPD coordination. Wait at least 2 business days upon coordination before visiting the branch.

Should there be no HPD branch that is logistically accessible to your area, you may choose to go to an alternative facility that offers a complete PEME package and request for a Fit to Work clearance there. Coordinate with your Talent team to reimburse your expenses on the following medical exams:

*Physical Examination
*Complete Blood Count
*Chest X Ray
*Panel-2 Drug Tests

What can I expect when I’m onsite? Is there anything I need to prepare or bring?
Bring a pen, Valid ID, HPD referral slip and sufficient water to drink (drink lots of fluids prior to your exam for faster collecting of urine sample).

Steps to follow:
1. Go onsite before opening time usually at 6AM or 7AM (expect a Queue of people and get a Number). Be mindful of the difference in Opening times and Cut-offs per branch.
2. Upon calling your number, fill out Health Declaration form.
3. Submit the form along with your HPD referral slip and valid ID.
4. Fill out the Patient Information Sheet.
5. Standby for photo-taking without mask and face shield.
6. You will be given your PEME Routing slip (proceed with exams as instructed).
7. Cut off for Physical exam is at 10AM.
8. Provide urine and stool samples before the 3PM cutoff.
9. Upload your fully accomplished PEME Routing slip in your Google Shared Pre-Employment Requirements folder.

I do not want to risk being exposed to COVID. What precautionary measures should I expect when I arrive at my HPD branch of choice?
HPD branches are not COVID testing/treatment facilities. To ensure lesser risk of exposure, safety standards are in place such as:
1. Limit on the number of clients allowed to enter its premises
2. Installment of social distancing marker and barriers
3. Mandatory use of PPE for their personnel
4. Mandatory screening for clients prior to entry to detect PUIs (anyone manifesting COVID-related symptoms will be required to self-quarantine for 14 days before returning to the facility for reassessment).

Alternatively, if you feel more comfortable getting your Fit to Work Clearance somewhere else due to personal reasons, kindly refer to the first FAQ on choosing other PEME facilities.

What if I was not able to complete all my Medical Exams on the date of my visit?
You'll need to go back onsite if you are unable to finish all exams. Note: For female associates who cannot complete due to menstruation, submit your samples 5 days after your last day of period (no waiving of samples.


I don’t see an option to schedule my NBI appointment anytime soon / I have to wait for my NBI release because I have a hit. How can I accomplish my NBI requirement as soon as possible?
Quick Fix: Upload your Paid NBI receipt as a substitute for your actual NBI clearance. Pay it using the most convenient option provided (Bayad Center/LBC/7-Eleven/Bank OTC).
Once you claim your NBI clearance, submit the Employer’s Copy to your recruiter for proper filing.