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Consumer expectations are rising in the financial services industry, as FinTech products and services become normalized and technology takes a stronger hold in our economic lives. Technology has become ubiquitous in every facet of life and financial services are no exception. Just as people now expect their groceries to be ordered online and delivered to their door, people are looking for the most convenient and reliable option when it comes to their financial lives too. Being able to effortlessly transact, use, and get assistance from a FinTech company is a competitive advantage. Besides thoughtful UX/UI experience, consumers expect exceptional customer service from FinTech startups, well-established banks, financial institutions, and any business that offers financial technology solutions. 

Grow your customer support team to be there for your customers when they need it.

Take your FinTech solutions to the next level

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Deliver exceptional customer experiences for your customers, whenever and wherever they need it.

When people need help with something related to their finances, they often feel that their request is quite urgent. According to recent data from Zendesk, there has been, on average, a 20% increase in weekly support requests since the start of the pandemic. With e-commerce growing, and many brick and mortar stores adopting contactless payments and other FinTech options, the need for assistance related to these financial technologies has also increased. 

Being there for your customers when they need you and delivering exceptional customer support is essential for customer loyalty. According to Zendesk’s research, 74% of customers feel loyal to a particular brand or company. If you think about it, you will probably look for a financial technology that works for you, that you like, CX included, and stick with it for a long time. Consumers don’t want to change their financial tools all the time; rather, take the time upfront to find the tool that works for them and stick with them. 

Although consumers will evaluate many different factors to develop loyalty, customer service will be a key point, and a competitive differentiation. 

At PartnerHero, we build customer support teams that will give your customers the level of service they deserve, 24/7/365. We know the importance of being able to help your customers whenever they reach out via any channel you offer: phone, live chat, email, SMS, or social media. New competitors join the FinTech arena every day and each player is looking to exceed customer expectations and achieve the retention and loyalty they need to sustain and grow their businesses.

What's the price of outsourcing a customer support team for FinTech companies?

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Every business is different, which is why PartnerHero builds custom plans to deliver solutions for your unique needs at a price point that works for you.

Starting at $10 per hour for Flex Support or $1,975 per month for full time, dedicated EdTech support and with three month contract renewals, we have a plan for every price point.

Flex Support

On-demand customer service outsourcing

If your customer support email volume is too low to hire full-time customer service professionals to handle your fintech email support, but you need to cover some weird hours, weekends, or simply want to delegate, we got you covered. Our Flex Support offering is based on hours. Learn more about it here.

Dedicated Teams

An organic extension of your in-house team

Build a dedicated team for your fintech email support that will focus on delivering the exceptional customer experience your customers are used to. Fully integrated with your tools and communication channels, you just became a global Customer Service Director with your scaled up team. Layer in QA, training and management as needed.

Managed Operations

Scalable operations with in-house quality

Build a highly scalable team with dedicated leadership, established SLAs and limitless potential. Managed Operations allows you to layer in QA, training, workforce management as needed.

FinTech trusted brands who outsource their customer service

We build customer support teams for the top FinTech companies who are revolutionizing the Financial Industry

Finding great talent in FinTech to support your company

We go beyond traditional recruiting to find the best customer experience professionals to work with your FinTech company. It’s not about filling a seat. Your team will consist of passionate individuals with experience as FinTech users who are familiar with the Fintech space and who will enjoy being part of the team. We look for individuals who can identify with your customers when they write in with an urgent question. We’ll find people who are excited about your company’s vision and culture. 

Meet some of our teammates that provide unforgettable customer experiences for other partners who decided to outsource with PartnerHero. 

Meet some more of our heroes or connect with us to learn more about building your team.

How do we build your FinTech customer support team?

You’ve taken the most important step! Identifying the need to build or scale up your customer service team to tackle customer inquiries by outsourcing. Once we learn more about your specific situation we can work with you to choose the right plan, size, and structure for you.

Step 01

We work together with you to craft the perfect job description and hiring assessments for our recruiting team to hire the customer service professionals who will be a great fit for your team.

Step 02

The timeframe to assemble your customer support team depends on the size and structure of your team, most teams take four to six weeks to assemble. Our recruiting team will look for people that not only align with the PartnerHero culture and values but also with the culture and values of your FinTech company

Step 03

We collaborate with you for the training, making sure the team is up to speed on your products, tools and process. If you don’t have a training program in place, no worries, our Learning and Development team can create a world-class training program during the 4 weeks we are recruiting your customer service representatives.

Step 04

Once your team is up and running, delivering great experiences for your customers, we’ll meet at a regular cadence to share key metrics, customer insights, customer pain points and any other information you want us to dig into. We are not a traditional BPO that just provides people, we also provide the data you need to optimize your team and customer experience.

Tools to support your FinTech CX Team

Here are some tools that our FinTech partners use. Besides helping you navigate the nuances of each of these unique solutions, our in-house engineering team can help you customize your CRM experience with unique integrations to make your job easier.

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To sum it up, not only is the FinTech industry becoming more competitive, customers are coming to expect better customer service, especially when it comes to products and services related to their finances. Building a scalable customer service team that can grow alongside your business is crucial to the foundation of your business.

What is FinTech customer support outsourcing?

And other frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is FinTech customer support outsourcing? 
FinTech companies may serve consumers directly (B2C) or sell their products to other businesses (B2B). In either case, their customers may have questions about how to use the technology or want to connect with someone to share feedback, a bug or may experience another issue that they need help with. FinTech customer support outsourcing can help FinTech companies scale their customer support operations, making it possible to help any and all customers who need help in a timely manner. 

How much does it cost to outsource support services for FinTech companies?
You can learn more about pricing on our Pricing Page. Our rates start as low as $10/hour or $1,975 per month for full time dedicated agents. We know that each company is unique and needs a different team size and structure. Get in touch with our Solution Design Team to learn more.

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