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Give your player support a boost

No matter how many players you have, PartnerHero is the support partner you’ve been looking for. We know the entire game lifecycle—from pre-production to post-launch.


Player support is fluid. You can scale your team up or down depending on your support volume and needs.


From office game nights to internal tournaments, gaming is part of our culture. We staff your program with passionate gamers.


We’re well-versed in the tools of the trade—from Zendesk to Discord to Helpshift, you’re covered.

Talk to one of our solutions designers to see how you can bring it all together.

Let's Go

When we started with PartnerHero, it was meant to be a temporary way to manage new volume from our newest game, but...we really love you. We’ve been together for 4 years!

Ines Elyseu, TK at Marmalade Game Studio


brands trust PartnerHero with their operational support needs
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Welcome to the PartnerHero way

Your journey is our journey

Thought leaders in your corner.

Metrics that get you where you’re going.

A step ahead when you can’t be.

An extension of the brand you love.


Professional services

We've seen the power of integrated professional services, which is why we’ve baked them into our business model. At PartnerHero, every team has key resources right out of the box.


PartnerHero believes that quality is foundational for successful CX, which is why we’ve integrated QA services into our offerings.


Proprietary workforce management expertise and tooling mean less waste and more effective teams.


Training and ongoing education are part of our DNA. With dedicated training resources, your team's always on their game.

Let’s build great CX. Together.

Meet Mercer Smith

VP of CX Insights and Community

Mercer is a CX advocate to her core. She is enormously passionate about the CX community and building badass customer experiences.

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Boost your operations

Powering up your customer support has huge returns. Leverage our network of offerings to focus on the areas you care about the most.

Fractional CXO

Invest in strategic experience and hyper-focus on creating the framework that will allow your CX department to thrive.

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Managed HelpDesk

Care for the critically important infrastructure of your CX team with professional, customized plans to build, manage, and optimize your help desk.

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Talk to a solutions designer. No strings attached.

If you’re ready to invest in quality and see results quickly, talk to our team about which option is best for you.


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