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We adjust hiring based on partner needs, whether for a single tester or a whole QA team.

PartnerHero’s Software testing services offer customized solutions for varied software QA needs. Whether setting up QA processes from scratch or expanding existing ones, we enhance development life cycles for impactful results.

We were looking for a partner who was proactive, in that they would guide us with recommendations, not just be ‘yes men.’

Justin Rancourt
Co-founder and Director of Architecture at Coalesce


  • White glove QA services
  • Custom hiring
  • Ongoing, best practice training
  • 24/7 support


Software QA you can count on

SDLC Integration

We align with your development life cycle, ensuring a harmonious and efficient collaboration for successful project outcomes

Insightful Reports

Our reports offer detailed SQA metrics, enabling precise evaluation and strategic refinement of software quality assurance processes for better outcomes

Quality Culture

Adding a quality-driven culture to your team elevates standards, ensuring excellence in every task and fostering continuous improvement for lasting success

how it works:

QA Solutions for every stage

Automated testing

Whether you’re trying to set up an automated testing environment or simply looking to expand your code coverage, we can help. Using industry standard testing automation tools, we’ll  build automated testing that maximizes results.

Manual testing

Our engineers work as discerning user advocates in order to maximize your overall user experience and offer a range of manual testing capabilities.

User acceptance testing

We’ll work alongside you through the UAT process to make sure your target demographic is satisfied with the product before it hits production. Let us help you organize a space, locate a team, document feedback, and determine release blockers.

API testing

Elevate your software quality with our comprehensive API testing services. Our skilled team meticulously verifies API functionality, ensuring reliability, security, and seamless integration for optimal performance across diverse applications and environments.


Choose what works for you.

Every SQA situation is different—we offer highly customized hiring capabilities to build you a team who goes above and beyond the basics.

Software QA Tester

starts at
$3,500 / mo

Manual Testing professional

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Software QA Engineer

starts at
$3,900 / mo

Manual testing, test planning experience, QA process optimization, automated, and API testing

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Software QA Lead

starts at
$4,900 / mo

Test planning and lead a team of 3-5 QA engineers

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Customer Support

PartnerHero matches exceptional individuals with companies to create customer experiences that feel in-house, not outsourced.

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Quality Assurance

PartnerHero’s Quality Assurance Services are designed to ensure end-to-end high performance, from brand voice to policy adherence and beyond.

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