Founding story

It is said that companies reflect their founders, specifically their context, at the moment of formation. In 2014, we found ourselves in the Bay Area, amid a massive wave of startup formation and a fundamental global shift in the way work itself was being done. VCs, angels, and accelerators fueled the boom of disruptive and innovative new businesses while increasingly sophisticated technology and communications infrastructure were making globally distributed teams possible, supporting the exponential growth of that boom.

Our extensive background in F500 companies, consultancies, and startups provided a distinct lens through which we viewed the operational needs of these burgeoning, fast-paced businesses. We witnessed their struggles navigating the mounting operational complexities and shifting to a more dispersed workforce. Challenges such as talent acquisition and retention, maintaining operational consistency across diverse time zones and cultures, and fostering a sense of unity and purpose among remote staff were all too familiar to us.

It was in this context that we saw the opportunity to build a fundamentally different outsourcing business—and committed wholeheartedly to building a business that was responsive to the needs of a changing world, knowing full well that meant we were going against much of the conventional wisdom of what an outsourcing business should look like. We envisioned a company that would provide operational support and solutions to startups and scale-ups and champion a new way of working - one that prioritized human connection, collaboration, and empowerment.

Those early days were humble, driven by a shared vision, and fueled by passion and coffee. Initially, we provided support and back-office services to startups, leveraging our expertise to streamline operations. But as our aspirations expanded, so did our methods.

Recognizing the need for innovation, we embraced remote work and built a global team. Investing in technology, we ensured seamless collaboration across borders. Yet, our most profound evolution was in our culture. People. Without borders. Without limits.

In a distributed team, we redefined company culture, emphasizing trust and autonomy. Our focus shifted towards creating a sense of belonging for every team member, regardless of location.

PartnerHero is not just a company; it's a movement towards a more people-oriented approach to business. We measure our success not solely in financial gains but also in our positive influence on our partners, associates, and the world. Guided by this principle, we are adapting our approach to empowering operations for new economy businesses. As long as challenges persist, we are steadfast in our commitment to lead the way forward with thoughtfulness and innovation.