The future is humans + tools

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a buzzword in the tech industry for decades, but it's now becoming a reality that's rapidly being integrated into businesses and products worldwide. There was a time not too long ago when AI seemed like a distant concept from science fiction. But today, as large language models (LLMs), like OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard, convincingly generate useful, original content in plain language based on conversational inputs,  it's clear that AI is not an if, but a when. And it’s important to recognize that this is just the beginning—AI technology will only get better with time.

As businesses around the world continue to embrace AI technology, it's crucial to understand how AI and humans can work together to achieve the best results. While there are concerns that AI may replace human jobs, the reality is that AI will be used to complement human skills and enhance our abilities. Rather than put us all out of work, AI will give superpowers to those of us who embrace it and can adapt our work to take advantage of it. 

For example, companies can benefit from AI image makers, AI content creation software, AI brochure makers and more in order to save time by automatically having what they need with the help of Artificial Intelligence tools.

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Companies that effectively implement AI technology will utilize multiple interaction modes and use AI to automate routine tasks while using humans to focus on tasks that require empathy, creativity, and judgment. People will be able to work smarter and more efficiently by delegating mundane or repetitive tasks to AI, freeing up time and energy to focus on the type of work that requires those uniquely human skills.

Rob Warner, Founder of PPC Ad Lab, says: "Look at how the best paid search intelligence software has revolutionized PPC activities by improving keyword research and targeting, enabling businesses to identify relevant and high-performing keywords for maximum visibility and conversions. It saves time and effort and is a great example of AI tools and human approach intertwined for best results

PartnerHero is an operations platform, which is why we are particularly interested in the potential of LLMs to impact our business and the disciplines that make up our focus area of customer operations. These models will enable generative AI responses to routine questions about things like order status, basic product inquiries, and return policies, to name a few. The types of questions that could often be easily answered by consulting the website or your account page can be delegated to AI models, rather than requiring human intervention. This will free up our associates to focus on tasks that benefit from human judgment and empathy, such as providing personalized customer support.

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The driving question we ask ourselves as we plot our AI future is: 

How do we integrate AI into our systems and processes and train team members to leverage capabilities to increase productivity and maintain focus on higher order tasks that require human judgment and empathy?

Answering this question enables the delivery of the best customer experience for our partner brands and their customers.

MIT Sloan and Boston Consulting Group (BCG) lay out a great framework for how to think about AI implementation at your company in their report Expanding AI’s Impact With Organization Learning by outlining five primary AI interaction modes:

  • Automator: AI decides and implements (Credit card auth decision)
  • Decider: AI decides, human implements (Inventory forecasting)
  • Recommender: AI recommends, human decides (Spotify recommendations)
  • Supporter: AI generates insights, humans use in decision (Auto design)
  • Evaluator: Human generates, AI decides (War games, novel chess strategies) 

AI and humans interface in four out of five interaction modes, and most companies that effectively implement AI technology will utilize multiple of these modes. 

PartnerHero’s vertically integrated approach to software and service positions the company as a leader in AI applications for CX and operations. By leveraging AI to enhance our associates’ skills and provide better customer experiences, we can help our clients stay ahead of the curve and succeed in today’s competitive business environment.

We’re only just getting started with AI at PartnerHero, and over the next few months we’ll lay out more of our AI strategy and the types of tools we’re building to empower our associates. We firmly believe that AI, implemented properly, will help us to bring more humanity to customer experiences.