How Marmalade Game Studio improved their customer reviews with PartnerHero


“Thanks to PartnerHero, our growth has been remarkable and we are extremely grateful for their role in our success.”


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Based in London, with a second studio in Lisbon, Marmalade Game Studio is a game development company that is focused on creating high-quality, social gaming experiences.

Originally existing alongside Marmalade Technologies Ltd. (developer of the popular game development platform, Marmalade SDK), they became an independent game developer and publisher in 2016, changing their direction and opening up new, exciting opportunities. 

Marmalade creates highly polished games, available on mobile, PC, and consoles, without ads or interruptions. Their games, many of which are extremely detailed digital versions of classic board games, aim to bring families together. 

Currently, they have 11 titles across 6 different platforms, with two more games set to be released this year.

“Thanks to PartnerHero, our growth has been remarkable and we are extremely grateful for their role in our success.”

Ines Elyseu
Manager of Marmalade’s customer support department

The challenge 

Following the very successful release of one of their games, the team at Marmalade was suddenly overwhelmed by a very high volume of player queries. Their small team struggled to cope with the unexpected demand. 

Even though the game was well-received, the support challenge had a negative impact on their relationship with their customers. The team began receiving a lot of not-so-great feedback regarding the long response wait times. 

The poor customer experience resulting from the growing backlog of tickets and slow response times led players to leave negative reviews of their games. The team needed help, and they needed it fast.

The solution

The team considered several solutions, including hiring more support agents, but the urgency of the situation ultimately led them toward outsourcing.

They started looking into different outsourcing companies, but once they found PartnerHero, they looked no further.

Out of all the companies we spoke to, PartnerHero stood out as the only one that shared our work ethic, values, and goals. They have the most humane approach to outsourcing that we’ve ever seen,” says Ines Elyseu, Manager of Marmalade’s customer support department.

“We genuinely felt that they were committed to helping us and being there for us throughout the entire process.” 

Since they hadn’t worked with an outsourcing company before, there were naturally some initial concerns about whether the quality would meet their high standards and if an outsourced team could stay motivated and productive. However, the onboarding process went smoothly, and any doubts were soon forgotten.

“Everything was super easy and painless! The associates we hired were productive from day one.”

The results

Thanks to PartnerHero’s associates, Marmalade’s support team can now handle a large number of queries while still providing each customer with the attention they require and deserve.

Solving the problem has clearly had a positive impact on their business—Marmalade now receives glowing reviews for its support. All those great reviews improve the  overall perception of their games, and that leads to more sales. 

It’s a feedback loop—great support > five star reviews > more sales > most customers > great support—with CX at the center of driving growth from Marmalade. 

Over the course of four years, the cooperation between PartnerHero and Marmalade has been amazing and productive on both ends. 

“Although we initially thought it would only be a temporary solution, we have been absolutely thrilled with the services PartnerHero have provided and have no intention of ending our partnership." 

PartnerHero has provided more than just extra hands for player support—it’s been exactly as the name implies: a partner who is there for them and their business every step of the way.

“PartnerHero is very attentive to your needs and goals (present and future) and helps you meet them. Their insight and expertise regarding various industries is also invaluable,” says Ines.

Last—but definitely not least—any concerns the team had about outsourcing have completely disappeared. 

“Working with PartnerHero has been an absolute game-changer and positively changed our outlook on outsourcing. The associates truly feel like a part of Marmalade!”