How PartnerHero’s Quality Team helped decrease handle time for a mobile game advertising company’s CS department


We were able to reduce AHT by over a minute through dedicated QA.


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Mobile Ad Platform

The audience for mobile gaming grows every month. Almost everyone carries a phone everywhere, so many consumers get their entry into the world of gaming through apps such as Candy Crush or Fruit Ninja. 

With the continued growth of mobile games comes a burgeoning opportunity for mobile advertising and in-app monetization. In-app offers help drive growth and reward mobile users for regular and consistent play. If you play just about any mobile game, you’ve likely crossed paths with an ad or offer—and most of them are offered by this business.

One major mobile advertising solutions provider turned to PartnerHero to help them optimize their CX operations.

We were able to reduce AHT by over a minute through dedicated QA.

Internal data

The challenge

There were a few key challenges that the business wanted to work on with PartnerHero. 

The company’s customer service team handles complex questions related to online gaming awards and milestone confirmation. As the brand experienced explosive growth, they worked to cultivate a practice of automation and ticket deflection. However, it wasn’t clear if these changes were working in the way that they expected or wanted. Average handle time (AHT) was hovering over 8 minutes per interaction, which is high for mobile users, and the company’s leaders suspected that it could be improved.

In addition, whenever they hired a new team member, it took that person eight weeks or more to be performing efficiently and hit the team goals for AHT. They wanted a way to more quickly ramp up new team members and get them to peak performance more rapidly.

The solution

The first thing the PartnerHero team decided to tackle was to determine if the processes put in place were actually being followed. We assigned a dedicated quality team to monitor hundreds of interactions, and we found that the team was, in fact, following all of their processes and guidelines to a T. So we moved on to the next step: a time-in-motion study, which is an analysis of the time spent on going through the different motions of a job, and where they fall in the process of customer support

The PH team worked with the business to create a process map of any existing flows, and the team was able to eliminate wasteful steps, leading to efficiency gains.

The results

Through having a standardized, efficient workflow, the average handle time was reduced by over a minute (down to under 7 minutes). Customers are now receiving faster solutions to their questions! But more importantly, existing team members know the quickest path to provide excellent service. 

This clear process also reduced the ramp-up time for new members of the team.

Historically, team members would exit their training phase and still not hit the target AHT until 8 weeks or more into their tenure. Now, new team members exit the ramp phase hitting the 7-minute AHT target right out of the gate. With the support of the quality team implemented by PartnerHero, they also receive more quality evaluations and coaching sessions during ramp up, and get timely feedback for ongoing improvement. 

The dedicated quality team was integral in unlocking these solutions. They worked hand in hand with the operations managers, team leads, and team members at this game advertising business to create an efficient flow benefiting every level of the program.