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With the rise of ecommerce platforms during the pandemic, the competition to attract and retain new customers has also increased. Beyond products and services, customers are demanding a customer-centric approach from businesses, ranging from having self-service resources to having great experiences with your customer support team. Faster response times for their shipping inquiries, replacements, and refunds are just a few of the growing list of questions that customers get in touch about. Start or expand your customer service team to not only tackle these questions in a timely manner but also provide outstanding customer support to your customers.

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According to Statista, the ecommerce industry has seen a massive increase in sales, from 1,336 in 2014 to 4,891 in 2021 (in billion U.S. dollars), expecting it to rise to 5,908 in 2024. Online businesses are evolving every day, whether it’s faster shipping, great discounts, self-service resources, sustainability measures, technological advancements, the advances quickly become part of the customer experience customers expect. 

Your customers demand fast, accurate responses to all of their inquiries. Self-service allows for convenience, independence and time-saving for customers and should be part of your customer experience strategy, but building a strong customer service team that can manage order cancellations or changes, refunds, billing updates, product questions, and anything your customers need, will be crucial to not only survive in this industry, but to thrive.

How much does outsourcing an ecommerce customer service team cost?

We know you're wondering...

Every business is different, which is why PartnerHero builds custom plans to deliver solutions for your unique needs at a price point that works for you.

Starting at $10 per hour for Flex Support or $1,975 per month for full time, dedicated ecommerce support and with three month contract renewals, we have a plan at every price point.

Flex Support

On-demand customer service outsourcing

If your customer support email volume is too low to hire full-time customer service professionals to handle your email support, but you need to cover some weird hours, weekends, or simply want to delegate, we got you covered. Our Flex Support offering is based on hours. Learn more about it here.

Dedicated Teams

An organic extension of your in-house team

Build a dedicated team for your email support that will focus on delivering the exceptional customer experience your customers are used to. Fully integrated with your tools and communication channels, you just became a global Customer Service Director with your scaled up team. Layer in QA, training and management as needed.

Managed Operations

Scalable operations with in-house quality

Build a highly scalable team with dedicated leadership, established SLAs and limitless potential. Managed Operations allows you to layer in QA, training, workforce management as needed.

Top ecommerce brands trust PartnerHero to outsource their customer support operations

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Professional Ecommerce Customer Support Talent

We’ll find the best customer experience professionals to work with your ecommerce company. Individuals that are passionate about ecommerce, retail, and with experience as an ecommerce platform user, either as a seller or buyer. We find people who can identify with a customer who sends an email asking about an urgent order update, refund, billing question or return. We hire the same people for your team that you would - people who are passionate about what you do and have the personality to meet your customers where they are.

Meet some of the exceptional folks that provide memorable customer experiences for other ecommerce partners who decided to outsource.

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Assembling Your Ecommerce Customer Service Team

You’ve taken the most important step! Identifying the need to build or scale up your customer service team by outsourcing to tackle customer inquiries is the first step. Once we get on a call, you can share your specific situation and we’ll collaborate on the right plan (size, structure) for you.

Step 01

We work together with you to craft the perfect job description for our recruiting team to hire the ecommerce customer service professionals that will join your team.

Step 02

The timeframe to assemble your ecommerce customer support team depends on which plan you are launching: Flex Support, Dedicated Teams or Managed Operations. The typical turnaround time from contract signing to go-live is 1-4 weeks depending on the type of team you are trying to build. Our recruiting team will look for talent that fits in with your ecommerce company, not only with PartnerHero. We’ll be looking for candidates who are not only passionate about ecommerce but also about your specific industry.

Step 03

We’ll collaborate with you for the training, ensuring the team becomes proficient in terms of product knowledge, tools, and processes. If you don’t have a training program in place, no worries, our Training and Development team can help you create one during the four weeks we are recruiting your customer service representatives.

Step 04

Now that your ecommerce customer service team is up and running, delivering great experiences for your customers, we will meet at a regular cadence to share customer feedback, performance information and recommendations on how to improve workflow for greater efficiencies. Using the channels of your choice (Slack and regular meetings are a popular option), we’ll present custom reports with customer insights and anything else that might be relevant for you and your team.

Tools to Support our Ecommerce CX Team

Here are some tools that we’ve seen ecommerce brands be successful with and that we are subject matter experts in. Besides helping you navigate the nuances of each of these unique tools, our in-house engineering team can help you customize your workflows with unique integrations to make your job easier.

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To sum it up, the ecommerce industry is seeing extremely rapid growth, becoming more competitive and customers expect better customer service. Building a scalable customer service team that can grow alongside your business is pivotal to the foundation of your business.

What is ecommerce customer support outsourcing?

And other frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is ecommerce customer support outsourcing? 
Ecommerce businesses face unique challenges when it comes to customer service. Customers expect that their orders will arrive on time, undamaged with everything they ordered. When an order deviates from that they will get in touch with your company to request a refund or to return the item to you. To handle these types of customer questions, many ecommerce businesses outsource their customer support to ensure timely responses for their customers. 

What types of customer questions does PartnerHero help with?
We work with dozens of ecommerce companies. Some common types of customer questions include: 

Product Sales Questions:
Customers get in touch before they’ve placed an order because they have a question about the product they are thinking of buying. Our team can help answer product questions, increasing the odds that a customer will go all the way through checkout. 

Late Delivery:
When a customer expects an order that is late they get in touch. Our team can help these customers using the guidelines you provide (for example, issuing a credit for a future order if the delivery is later than a certain amount of time)

Missing Delivery:
Occasionally, orders completely go missing either because they were delivered to the wrong address or something went awry in the shipping process. Our team can help by responding to your customers using your guidelines - often this means replacing the order or issuing a refund. 

Damaged Item:
Sometimes things break in transit. When this happens, customers get in touch. Our team can help by issuing a refund or processing a return. 

Wrong Item:
Occasionally, incorrect items get delivered. For example, someone orders a green hat and a red hat arrives instead. In these cases, customers will get in touch. Our team can help by responding to customers using your guidelines around how to handle that type of scenario. 

How much does it cost to outsource support services for ecommerce companies?
We know that every company is different and will require a different team size and structure. PartnerHero offers plans for small companies that are just starting out as well as plans for bigger companies that need 24 hour coverage across language and time zones. Find the plan that’s right for you on our Pricing Page and by getting in touch with our team.

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