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The health & wellness industry is rapidly growing and changing. From healthtech hardware that people are using at home to gut-health microbiome products, people around the world are taking their health into their own hands in new and exciting ways. In such a competitive and rapidly changing industry, building brand loyalty through customer satisfaction is crucial. With so many competitors, assembling an exceptional customer support team that can deliver the best customer experience for your customers is essential. Health & wellness is delicate, very personal, and important and customers expect personal touches from the customer support team when they find themselves in need of assistance. 

Start or grow your customer support team to be there for your customers when they need it.

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When dealing with such a delicate topic like health & wellness, customer expectation for an accurate, empathetic and fast answer is higher. According to recent data from Zendesk, there has been a 20% increase in average weekly support requests since the start of the pandemic. With healthtech companies disrupting the healthcare sector, the support needed for these health & wellness technologies has also increased. Whether it’s a diet manager, healthy food delivery, or an app dedicated to training healthy habits, your customer support team will be there to help your customers with empathy, warmth, and clarity during each interaction, improving the customer experience and delivering long term customer retention.

For every company involved in the healthcare industry, it is a pivotal time to make sure your operations are running smoothly and that you cater to the amplified demand for health & wellness solutions. Outsourcing to a high-quality BPO to handle your healthcare support services to meet the ever-changing demands of the healthcare industry is not an easy task, and you must choose the right partner  that can follow through with your company’s privacy policies and HIPAA compliant demands.

At PartnerHero, we build customer support teams that give your customers the level of service they need, up to 24/7/365. We know the importance of being able to help your customers whenever they reach out via any channel you offer: phone, live chat, email, SMS, or social media. There are new entrants in the health & wellness industry everyday, and everyone is looking to exceed customer expectations to achieve customer loyalty and retention.

What's the price of outsourcing a customer support team for health & wellness companies?

We know you're wondering...

Every business is different, which is why PartnerHero builds custom plans to deliver solutions for your unique needs at a price point that works for you.

Starting at $10 per hour for Flex Support or $1,975 per month for full time, dedicated Health & Wellness support and with three month contract renewals, we have a plan for every price point.

Flex Support

On-demand customer service outsourcing

If your customer support email volume is too low to hire full-time health & wellness customer service professionals to handle your email support, but you need to cover some weird hours, weekends, or simply want to delegate, we got you covered. Our Flex Support offering is based on hours. Learn more about it here.

Dedicated Teams

An organic extension of your in-house team

Build a dedicated team for your health & wellness email support that will focus on delivering the exceptional customer experience your customers are used to. Fully integrated with your tools and communication channels, you just became a global Customer Service Director with your scaled up team. Layer in QA, training and management as needed.

Managed Operations

Scalable operations with in-house quality

Build a highly scalable team with dedicated leadership, established SLAs and limitless potential. Managed Operations allows you to layer in QA, training, workforce management as needed.

We build customer support teams for the top health & wellness companies who are revolutionizing the Industry

Forward-thinking companies in the Health & Wellness industry who outsource their customer support with us

Outstanding health & wellness customer support talent

We go beyond traditional recruiting methods to find the best customer experience professionals to work with your health & wellness company. It’s not just about filling the desired headcount. Your team will consist of individuals who are passionate about wellness on a personal level, ideally even passionate about your specific product. We strive to find people who will be able to identify with your customers and will be excited to help them. 

Meet some of the talent that provide unforgettable customer experiences for other health & wellness partners who decided to outsource with us.

Meet some more of our heroes or connect with us to learn more about building your team.

How do we build your health & wellness customer support team?

You’ve taken the most important step! Identifying the need to build or scale up your customer service team by outsourcing to tackle customer inquiries is an important first step. Once we get on a call, you can share your specific situation and we’ll collaborate on the right size and structure for your team.

Step 01

We work together to create a tailored solution that makes sense for your operations. The first call is all about us listening closely to understand what your dream customer service team will be capable of. Once we know what you’re looking for we’ll put together a proposal for a team size and structure that makes sense.

Step 02

Once you’ve signed a contract, you’ll meet with our Launch Managers and keep a close relationship with them during the recruiting and setup process. We’ll collaborate with you to build a custom hiring assessment, handpick your team, and sync regularly as your program launch gets close.

Step 03

We’ll continue to stay in close contact during the rest of the process (training and beyond!), to ensure we are supporting all of your business needs as we get deeper into the partnership. From tools and product knowledge to brand voice and processes, our customer service professionals are fast learners who will be ready to absorb the training quickly.

Step 04

Your team is live and helping your customers! But this is not traditional outsourcing and we go far beyond filling your forecasted headcount. It’s important for us that there’s a valuable impact on your business and customers. We’ll be in touch on a regular basis via Slack, weekly meetings and other touch points to share customer insights, progress on KPIs and other reporting that you’d like us to do.

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What is health & wellness customer support outsourcing?

And other frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is health & wellness customer support outsourcing? 
When a company in the health & wellness industry decides to outsource their customer support, they are choosing to work with a third party to help them hire, train and maintain a customer support team to help with their incoming customer questions. 

How much does it cost to outsource support services for health & wellness companies?
You can learn more about cost on our Pricing Page. We know that every company is unique and will need a different team size and structure. Meet with our Solution Design Team to find out more.

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