All Hands — Brazilian edition 2019

The amazing growth of PartnerHero in Brazil and why the All Hands builds a connection between remotes

The traditional Remote Office

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve been meaning to write this post. The reason it took so long is that the previous drafts weren’t making justice to what I wanted to say. Well, I don’t know if this version will make justice, but let’s give it a try!

In March we had the All Hands events in Brazil, which was a week when we gathered together in São Paulo to work in the same space. We work for a company which has hubs in different countries, but that also has a huge and an on a growing team of remote associates. The fact that there was an effort to organize this event so that all these people could work face to face truly means a lot to us, remotes. I dare to say this in the name of the whole team.

Don’t get me wrong! I love the remote life. The first time I tried to write this piece was while I was appreciating a bed of cotton clouds below me. The freedom of working from anywhere is a blessing which I’m every day grateful for. But I’m a human being, and feeling like I’m part of a community is valuable. Actually standing in front of people whose faces we’ve only seen through Zoom meetings is a whole new experience of its own.

When I joined PartnerHero, I was the fourth Brazilian in the company. We were a few remotes, and we were still learning how to manage these teams. Well, I guess we are still learning, as the very nature of remote work is relatively new on a worldwide scale, but you know what I mean. The first All Hands I participated in had ten of us. This year we were almost thirty. WItnessing such a quick and impressive growth is amazing, especially when you realize that so many talented people are now part of the same company I work for. I was genuinely impressed to meet so many incredible and knowledgeable people!

I do my best to be up to date with new strategies and tips on how to engage remote teams, and I’m sure that having events such as the All Hands is a must. Although it is not something that can happen often due to logistics, it does have a lasting impact. I have felt a greater connection with everyone after a few days of working and hanging out together, and this translated into more confidence and motivation to give my best at work. I believe many would share the same feeling.

I just want to say that I will always carry the frustration of not escaping the cemetery, even though one of our colleagues sacrificed himself for the team. Haha, ok, now seriously. I really enjoyed the bonding experiences, working in the same place, the dinners, the balloon adventure, and the general good vibes.

This is post is a way for me to show how grateful I felt for being part of this year’s All Hands, and to show appreciation for all of you who were there, no matter the role in the company.

Our heroes after the Escape Room experience
Giulia Gasparin