PartnerHero launches Humanize for 24/7 support in Shopify

BOISE, Idaho, March 6, 2023 – PartnerHero (, a provider of end-to-end customer operations solutions, today announced the launch of Humanize on the Shopify App Store. Humanize enables store owners to offer 24/7 email support backed by a team of expert customer service associates at rates that stores of any size can afford. 

The app integrates directly with the Shopify admin and merchants can get started in just a few clicks by answering a handful of questions about their products and store policies. 

“Humanize provides store owners with peace of mind,” said Piras Thiyagarajan, Chief Digital Officer at PartnerHero. “With Humanize, merchants no longer need to spend every waking moment worrying about delivering a great customer experience. With an expert team from PartnerHero delivering a truly premium, on-brand experience to their customers, merchants can get back to growing their businesses.”

Humanize uses AI augmentation on the back-end to ensure that customers always get the right information in a timely manner. That technology is paired with highly-skilled humans who are always in the loop so that the customer experience is personalized, empathetic, and authentic.

“Great customer support requires a high EQ in order to turn buyers into loyal customers,” said Sheena OhUiginn, Sr. Product Manager for Humanize. “A lot of ecommerce merchants don’t have the time or money to stand up a 24/7 team of dedicated support agents, so they turn to bots to give them the coverage and response times they need. Instead of creating a robo-barrier between merchants and their customers, we’re bullish on intelligence augmentation—using AI to improve the efficiency and accuracy of humans, rather than to replace them.”

Humanize augments agents with accurate just-in-time knowledge, so that they can deliver a high quality support experience, at scale, and in a way that is accessible and affordable to any Shopify merchant. Humanize can also flexibly scale up or down as needed to accommodate seasonal changes in volume, without compromising quality.

You can learn more about Humanize or install it via the Shopify App Store here: 

About PartnerHero

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