Boundless in 2024

“People. Without Borders. Without Limits.” is our corporate mission. It means sharing the impact of an innovative company with talented people around the globe. 

However, there’s a much bigger commitment happening at PartnerHero to take it a step further—to intentionally share our mission and culture outside the company with historically vulnerable communities. 

Earlier this year, we released an interview story on Boundless, what it means for us, and the people behind it all. Feel free to read it here, and make sure to get in touch if you have any questions!

Today, we want to talk about the continued work for Boundless in 2024, and what we’re looking forward to.

Continue to support the development of quality learning environments for primary aged children

Reading is arguably one of the most fundamental skills a person will develop throughout their lifetime. 

Unfortunately, historically high levels of illiteracy exist across the globe, inhibiting both personal and communal development and economic growth opportunities. 

Coined as “Learning Poverty” by the World Bank and UNESCO Institute for Statistics, illiteracy, specifically in youth, has become a “global learning crisis”. 

We believe that inequities in both resources and access to quality learning environments are the primary reasons—and solutions—for the problem of illiteracy. 

Many schools and families are struggling to provide basic resources, resulting in children not receiving adequate education during their primary years, while others are forced to work as opposed to going to school.

Our hypothesis is that by supporting quality learning environments for both teachers and students, we will see a steady increase in attendance and enrollment, while also having a positive impact on dropout rates. 

Our work to date has focused on tenets we believe create equitable and quality learning environments for children—food and transportation security, infrastructure improvements, and upgrades to teaching and learning materials. 

We are already seeing the benefits of this in Honduras and the Philippines, where the learning poverty rates are 79% and 91% respectively. 

Over the past 18 months, we’ve supported:

  • +30K meals at Grace Honduras 
  • Infrastructure improvements such as new kitchen appliances and an electrical generator
  • 150+ new book bags, up-to-date textbooks, and teaching guides for the children and staff

Initial indications are trending in a promising direction—In Honduras, there's a reported increase in both student enrollment and attendance: 

  • Enrollment rose from 127 to 182 students between 2023 and 2024
  • Drop-out rates remain unchanged in comparison to previous years  

Our work will continue to evolve to meet the needs and opportunities, however, our priority in 2024 is creating sustainability for this work for the foreseeable future. 

This looks like:

  • Getting others involved—both our corporate partners and local civic organizations that have a vested interest in these communities.
  • Continuing to build trust with the community and families through regular volunteering and mentoring activities at our community partner schools.  

In alignment with the United Nation Sustainable Development Goal 4 to “ensure equitable education and learning opportunities for all”, Boundless’s vision and goal for this ongoing work is to see every 10-year-old proficient in reading by 2030.

Facilitate the attainment of meaningful employment

As a company, PartnerHero has found great success in connecting talented people around the world with innovative companies. 

However, amid a global trend towards automation, digitalization, and an ever-evolving labor force, we recognize an opportunity to better prepare people—specifically those in greatest need—for the “modern” workforce to come. 

Known as “Boundless Academy”, we are seeking to externalize and share our learning management system (LMS) with organizations and people from vulnerable communities. 

This will allow us to both meet people where they are, and give them a fair opportunity at entry level jobs. 

Content focused on English and professional development as well as emotional intelligence and wellbeing are a few of the pathways that will be shared to create a comprehensive—yet focused—learning experience for specific communities. 

Additionally, content that promotes life-long learning and development will be shared more broadly with individuals and communities actively seeking employment, such as near-hires and graduates. 

We will start in the coming months by launching two pilot programs, one each in the Philippines and Honduras.  

Become a B-Corp recognized company

Over the last year, PartnerHero has enhanced its focus on the positive impact we have on our associates, partners, communities, and beyond.  

As we approach the second half of 2024, one of our goals is to become a Certified B Corporation (B Corp) in 2025.  

Certified B Corps are businesses that have been certified by B Lab, a non-profit company that measures an organization's social and environmental performance against the standards within the B Impact Assessment. 

To achieve B Corp certification demonstrates meeting high standards of positive social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. 

The certification is one way PartnerHero can showcase the impact of our culture and mission on people and community, while also connecting us with 7,000+ like-minded companies who are also making a meaningful difference across the globe. 

Lay the groundwork for a Boundless Foundation (501(c)(3)) 

We want to create sustainability and growth for our communities today and into the future, and we believe establishing a foundation will enable us to accomplish this vision. 

We are thankful to work for a company that embodies its core values of Caring For Others and Taking Ownership by contributing part of its annual revenue to positively change the lives of people outside of the company. 

As with every initiative and goal we set with Boundless, establishing a foundation will be no different—we’ll take a “listen first” approach and optimize for accessibility and sustainability. 

Our goal is to lay the foundation for this work in 2024, with hopes of having an established Boundless Foundation early 2025. 

If you’d like to learn more about Boundless, keep an eye on our blog or reach out to us with any questions.

Malcolm Brown