Fundraising for victims of Hurricane Eta

We are raising money for PartnerHero associates and their families who are in need of help due to the devastating impacts of Tropical Storm Eta via the GoFundMe link here.

On the night of Wednesday, November 4, while Americans were biting their nails over the outcome of the 2020 presidential election, Tropical Storm Eta made a devastating entrance into the area surrounding San Pedro Sula, Honduras, home to hundreds of PartnerHero associates.

Luckily most of our associates were able to stay safely sheltered in their homes but some were more impacted with homes flooded, forcing them to wait for evacuation from their roofs while deep, quickly moving water streamed by them on either side. We are glad to say that all of our employees are alive but unfortunately many employees and their loved ones have lost their homes and the full scale of the impact is not yet known.

In the early hours of Thursday morning, PartnerHero’s Operations Team in Honduras sprung into action, accounting for every associate and assessing their needs. Hotel rooms, food, clothing and boat rescues have been quickly coordinated and distributed.

We are now raising funds to help these associates, their families and communities. Some have lost everything: their homes, their beds, their kitchen utensils, their clothes; they are starting over. One of our core values is “care for others.” We live that value everyday but today and in the coming weeks our whole focus will be on helping impacted associates find their footing again.

We are providing three forms of support:

(1) Emergency Relief and Rescue Efforts, including transportation, shelter, food, and water (much of this will be done outside the fund)

(2) A Home Relief Package (costing ~$1,000USD per family affected) for families that need to rebuild their homes

(3) Additional Relief Funds as available to families with additional needs, based on an application form.

Any funds available after the three main forms of support are covered will be donated to registered charities who are providing direct relief to Central Americans impacted by Tropical Storm Eta.

An Impact Summary that details how funds were distributed will be shared with all contributors within 10 days of the funds being distributed.