Introducing Sahar Rahmani, VP of Engineering and AI

AI is the future. Companies who want to keep providing solutions in sustainable and generative ways have to incorporate it into the very fabric of their business, as well as into the products and services that they deliver to their customers. 

We’re embracing AI at PartnerHero, and want to make sure we make the most of the opportunities it holds. So, today, we are welcoming Sahar Rahmani, who is joining PartnerHero as our Vice President of Engineering and AI. 

Sahar brings with her a wealth of experience and a passion for technology that will undoubtedly help us move forward in exciting ways. She has a diverse background, having a PhD in astrophysics and built and led teams in engineering, AI, data science, and ML operations in Canadian financial institutions and tech companies. 

In her role, Sahar will lead the engineering organization and spearhead our AI initiatives. Her primary focus will be collaborating with our product teams to ensure the timely delivery of valuable software solutions while leading our technical AI efforts.

There’s no doubt that Sahar's clear dedication to efficiency and innovation will empower our teams to excel in their work and drive meaningful results. She will be making sure that we continue to constantly innovate and deliver value to our partners from day one, as they navigate their own journeys.

Join us in welcoming Sahar to PartnerHero!

Ryan Berk