Launching with PartnerHero 101

Week 1: The Fundamentals

We’ll collaborate with you on:

First kickoff meeting

These will continue weekly through the launch period (4 weeks) and will turn into regular weekly check ins after launch 

Candidate profile

We’ll confirm the details of your hiring profile and the requirements you’re looking for in associates - looking for people who can seamlessly transition between phone and email? People with SQL skills? We want to make sure we understand your requirements before we start recruiting 

Candidate skill exercises 

Alongside the hiring profile, we’ll work with you to build a skill exercise that candidates need to pass in order to be considered for your team. For example, you might ask that they answer some questions similar to the ones your customers ask so we can get a sense of their writing style and how well they will be able to respond to your customers

Conversations we’ll start together:

SLAs and KPIs 

We’ll start talking about the SLAs and KPIs you expect your team to hit 

Work Schedule 

We’ll confirm the schedule you’d like your team to work (this is important to know before we start hiring) 


We’ll share guidance on how to prepare your training materials so you have plenty of time to work on them before training begins

Week 2 : Recruiting and hiring begins & technical troubleshooting

PartnerHero will take the lead on:

Hiring begins

Now that we know exactly what you’re looking for, we’ll begin hiring - the job description will go live on our website and we’ll begin interviewing candidates using the assessments and rubrics we developed together in week 1

We’ll check in with you about:

Tools & Dashboard Access

We’ll chat about the tools you use and how to securely give your PartnerHero team access 

We’ll get an introduction to your dashboards and reporting tools 


If you’d like some additional help getting your training ready you can meet with our training audit team toward the end of the week

Week 3: Finalize talent and training schedule

PartnerHero will work on:

Finalizing talent 

We’ll finalize the members of your team as well onboard those who are new to PartnerHero in a three day onboarding process that covers culture and systems (including Privacy & Security training)

Together we’ll make sure that:

Training schedule finalized

We’ll make sure there’s a clear plan for training, including that there is an assigned trainer from your company, ready to onboard your new team

Week 4: Final details and prepare for launch week

Together we will:

Grant tool access to your team

Now that we know who will be on your team we can grant them the access to the tools and systems they will use everyday

We’ll help you:

Make sure your training is ready to go

We'll do a final review of your training materials to make sure they are 100% ready

Draft an email to your new team

Send an email to your new team to introduce yourself, your goals and set some expectations going into launch week

Week Five: Launch!

You did it! Your team is up and running, training is going smoothly. Soon your team will be taking tickets and completing other tasks on their own  

Post Launch

Just because you’ve launched doesn’t mean you’re on your own. A lot of important activities related to onboarding happen post-launch and we’ll be there every step of the way.  

  • Business Review: Now that your program is live, it’s important that we stay connected about the team’s progress. Your Team Lead or Program Manager will begin regular weekly meetings to keep our partnership thriving 
  • Security Review: 30 days after launch we’ll set up a meeting with our security team to review tools and process, ensuring that customer data is secure 
  • Nesting: Your team will be ramping up quickly in a phase that we call “nesting.” This includes things like your team taking tickets themselves but having them reviewed before they get sent or setting up group sessions where a ticket is shown and the group discusses the best approach 
  • Quality Audit: Your team will have its first Quality Audit, with the goal of making sure your PartnerHero team is meeting your quality standards 
  • Escalation Flows: We’ll hammer out how your PartnerHero team will escalate tricky cases and questions to your team 
  • Tracking pain points and other systems: We’ll set up a system for tracking issues so we’re always aware of what you need and we can keep you informed about what we’re hearing from customers or issues we’re having resolving tickets