Love Yourself, Wellness Week 2021 recap

Wellness Week is a PartneHero tradition that goes back to 2018. The goal is to celebrate and promote awareness for wide-ranging aspects of health, including social, physical, emotional, financial, career, community and environmental. Our goal is to create space for our global community to learn and feel seen, heard and part of a larger community. 

This year’s theme was “Love Yourself.” Lockdown has taken a toll on everyone around the world and we wanted to remind people that self-love is the foundation for getting through hard times. Last year’s theme was about emotions, how to recognize them and how to deal with them. This year we wanted to give people tools they could use on a daily basis for self-love and self-awareness. 

PartnerHero is committed to building an inclusive workplace and a big part of that is giving everyone a seat at the table to tell their personal stories, making vulnerability and resilience a normalized part of the workplace. Associates from around the world hosted Wellness Week sessions and close to 600 associates attended sessions, sharing their own experiences related to the topics covered.  

Each day of the week had its own topic related to loving yourself. 

Self-Love and Setting Boundaries: We wanted to start the week with an overview of self-love, understanding that it is a choice and an action. The way we treat ourselves is important. Part of self love is learning to set boundaries, learning to say no. 

Problem Solving: We all have systems for dealing with rapid change.  For some, change can be overwhelming, for others it can be paralyzing. The goal for this session was to share step-by-step thinking that anyone can apply for dealing with problems they working on. Everyone will tackle problems in their own unique way but our goal was to share a useful framework. 

Neurodiversity: Neurodiversity refers to a variation in the human brain regarding sociability, learning, attention, mood and other mental functions in a non-pathological sense. Differences in the brain are normal and our goal for this session was normalizing those differences and recognizing how they impact relationships, teams and work. This session led to deep discussion, mental health is a topic that many at PartnerHero are passionate about. 

Self-Advocacy: When we talk about self-love, we rarely talk about self- advocacy. It can be hard to speak up for yourself, especially if you are introverted. One of our core values is “Take Ownership” - this session was all about how to implement this core value in your personal life. 

Yoga in the workplace: Physical wellness it's such a crucial part of overall wellness. With much of the world still spending more time than usual at home, our goal was to share tools for people to implement more movement into their days. The routines we shared were not intense workouts but impactful in terms of getting your body moving at a regular cadence throughout the day. 

Some of the highlights of Wellness Week 2021 were how much our associate community opened up. The “mic” was passed around the world and people had a lot to say, from the associates who took the lead on planning and sharing sessions to the dialogue that happened during the webinars. The word that comes to mind is “sharing.” Our community shared kindness, inclusion, stories, love and self-love. 

Thanks to Luis Hernandez Blanco and Miriam Martinez for their work in coordinating Wellness Week and sharing about it here.