Making testing Easy with Coalesce

About Coalesce 

Coalesce is an agency based in New York that builds digital products to solve problems for businesses, brands and brave souls with great ideas. They’re experts in product strategy, branding, UX design, development and custom builds. And they’re really good at it, take a look at their website to get a sense of what they’re capable of. They’ve built everything from a custom learning management system for a financial education company to a comprehensive membership platform for a real estate news company. 

The Challenge

Coalesce realized that their developers were spending a lot of time in the testing phase of the product development cycle. Given the volume of projects in their pipeline, it didn’t make sense to have their development team spending hours and sometimes even days testing products for bugs before each release. On top of that, the team at Coalesce are expert builders, their specialty is not in testing and keeping up with the latest technology and tools for it. PartnerHero came recommended from one of Coalesce’s clients as a partner that could help them reduce cost and increase expertise by outsourcing that part of the product development cycle, allowing their engineers to focus on building.

The Solution 

Justin Rancourt, co-founder and Director of Architecture at Coalesce said, “we were looking for a partner who was proactive, in that they would guide us with recommendations, not just be “yes men.” We wanted a partner who would feel like part of the shop, not someone who felt far away and was not really integrated into the projects that we work on. Someone who is reliable and responsible. Someone who is easy to work with. PartnerHero, and specifically, Antonio who works on our team, is all of those things.” 


Antonio Trujillo started working with Coalesce in September of 2020. Some of the highlights from his work so far include building a robust documentation practice, including specifications and a clear structure that will allow anyone new to a project to get a better understanding of how every nook and cranny performs. He also implemented to manage automated tests. One Coalesce project requires that data be piped across multiple platforms (frontend site, backend site and the partner's main site) and it is imperative that the data is displayed correctly everywhere it appears. A project like that requires a lot of data assertion and Antonio’s use of Cypress made the process quick and easy to make sure all the data was being displayed correctly.  

Six months into the relationship between Coalesce and PartnerHero, the testing process is now streamlined, efficient and Coalesce got a great new teammate in the process. Justin says, “in the past for a lot of projects we've relied on manual testing. With Antonio’s help, we’re finally getting automated tests set up. For example, he’s getting automated tests set up for an LMS company we’re working with which will save us not only having to deal with a lot of bugs but also will save us a lot of time.”