Meet: Alexandra Mainardi

Hi, I’m Alexandra, but you can call me Alex, I’m 26 years old and I’ve been at PartnerHero for over three years. I’m currently working as a Team Manager for a very cool partner called BentoBox.

The people at the San Pedro Sula hub know me already, but for the rest of the PartnerHero heroes around the world: I’m the middle child of 3 and trust me, you always suffer.

A fun fact about me. People usually think I am an angry person, but I’m not! I blame it on my Italian/Swiss genes.

Cooking and baking are my passion. I currently have a small business called Las Magdalena’s, where I started offering my customers artisan pastries, cookies, and treats, but Pinterest jumped into my life and I transformed this into a crafty gift shop - check out my IG!

I have a bachelor's degree in Advertising and Communication, but my dream is to open a bakery in a small town like Antigua Guatemala. I like to swim every day before work. I also enjoy spending time with Blue - my pitbull; traveling, looking at restaurants online and trying different food.

BentoBox builds websites for restaurants, so it’s a perfect match for me! I get to see ideas, menus, food, decoration, and more.

I like to take pictures of the food I try because it allows me to transport to the exact moment and recreate all the vibes/feeling in my mind.

Want some?