Meet: Amy Steer

I have an older brother and sister and I used to be my dad’s favorite child until my nephew was born.

I love Adrenaline but not this kind. Talking on camera, or standing in the spotlight— No, that's not for me. I’m not even sure how I got convinced to do this.

But speed, Reggaeton and Banda music, those are my type of adrenaline. Yes, you heard that right, Banda music. And no, I don’t wear boots and a hat.

Makeup and my nephew are definitely my passions. I never have enough makeup. It is an addiction. And my nephew, well, I love spending time with him and he loves that too, right Matthias?

After doing skydiving this year, I have decided that I want to accomplish everything on my bucket list.

Something happened up there that now every dream I have I have to go for it.

With PartnerHero having a global team I have been lucky enough to visit different operation centers and since I love traveling that’s a win-win!

Remember, never judge a book by its cover. You might be surprised by what’s inside.