Meet: Andrew Lewis

Hello, all! My name is Andrew Lewis, and I’m a Team Manager at PartnerHero.

I was born in the Boise area to two amazing parents and am the youngest in my family. I grew up in northern Idaho, but always wanted to come back to the Treasure Valley, and did so as quickly as I could.

When I’m not working, you can typically find me playing music, either on my own or with my band (at least in non-pandemic times), cooking at home, or watching horror films with my dog and best friend, Otto.

Last year, I turned a lot of my attention to recording music at home, trying to gain a better understanding of aspects like mixing and mastering. If I wasn’t doing that, I was in denim shorts yard-dad mode, learning how to better care for my yard. I also tried to grow a garden, but got a little too ambitious (better luck this year?).

Before I started at PartnerHero, I’d worked from home for a number of years, so being sent home last year felt like… returning home. I quickly set up shop in my home office once more.

I wake up early and go through my morning routine before sitting down at my desk to make sure I have a productive day.

The role of Team Manager at PartnerHero is a great fit for me because I get the privilege of working with teams from all over the world and learning about their culture. I also get the honor of supporting others, whether it’s our internal Support Heroes, or our partners, and doing my best to help them be successful, however I can.

I love meeting other team members from PH and providing recommendations for local spots.

So if your post-pandemic travel plans bring you to the Boise area, let me know! Thanks for watching, and hope to see you around!