Meet: David Cerrato

I was born in Tegucigalpa but I’ve lived in San Pedro Sula most of my life, so I consider this city my home. I’m the proud father of two amazing kids: Isabella and Santiago, and the lucky husband to my gorgeous wife: Dorian.

I’m a serial Do-it-yourself-er and I’m passionate about understanding how things work. That curiosity has driven me to learn new things. I’m actually a certified auto mechanic and eu aprendi a falar Portugues no telefone. I’m always up for a challenge and willing to get my feet wet. In fact, my wife would probably say that I’m too competitive.

I enjoy good music, movies, and clever series. I also like playing Starcraft with my friends and watching Esports. And I love spending time with my family and we try to visit the beach any time we get a chance.

Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to work in a variety of roles in different industries. I’ve been a Teacher’s assistant, a computer teacher, an IT Tech, a Customer Service Rep, Pest Management Technician, Data Analyst, a Reporting Specialist, Assistant Manager, Team Manager, Operations Manager, a General Manager, and a business owner… Unusual mix, huh?

I got to do lots of cool things and visit unusual places. I always learned something new from each one of my jobs, but the one thing I appreciate the most about my career history, it’s been the people. Teaching, learning, sharing, connecting, supporting, collaborating, growing.

That’s actually what I love the most about working with PartnerHero: we’re all about the people. And working as a Program Manager allows me to merge my skills and  my passion for learning and technology to help make our coworkers, our partners, and our customers successful and happy.

So there you have it, if you ever need a helping hand, wanna hang out or you’re just looking for some healthy competition, hit me up! And remember: work smart, play hard and laugh harder.