Meet: Diego Idiaquez

Hey, I’m Diego, I’ve been working at PartnerHero for the past two years. I’m currently providing support for one of our partners and also managing the Tegucigalpa library.

Growing up I loved watching really old movies, like Casablanca and the original King Kong, yeah, that old. However, when I first saw Star Wars I knew that my life was not going to be the same and since then I have an undying love for all things Star Wars. I have this really weird habit of always wearing something related to it, that’s why I decided to get this amazing Millenium Falcon tattoo.

I spend most of my time playing with my dogs which I absolutely love and consider them as family. My hobbies range from going on hikes, watching football games, reading a mind-blowing sci fi novel, or my favorite: eat!

So if you want to be stuck in a 3 hour long conversation with me you can either mention Star Wars, when will the baleada become the eighth wonder of the world, or why the Labrador is the best dog ever…  

Did you know they can hold an egg in their mouth without breaking it, what! Needless to say I’m one of the most energetic persons you’ll ever meet. I also have this annoying never ending supply of positivity. The same positivity that has helped me embrace change and grow in a professional and personal matter. Because it doesn’t matter where life takes me, you will find me with a smile.