Meet: Fabiano Pereira

What’s up, everybody! 

My name is Fabiano,  I’m thirty-five years old  (and I know, I look thirty-four) and I’m a Client Success Associate here at PartnerHero.

I was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil and I’m lucky to have an incredibly supportive family. Since I was seven years old, I’ve been performing as a magician. I’ve been on TV quite a few times and wrote two books on Card Magic. Doing magic is just like working from home takes a lot of creativity, discipline, also practice, but most importantly, a lot of passion for what you do and working at PartnerHero Is just like doing magic because here we bring a lot of color into people’s lives and even though I do love magic. My favorite hobby is solving rubik's cubes. Blindfolded.

Working from home demands me a lot of discipline and focus, so I make sure to stick to a well defined schedule and to keep some music in the background. Anything from bluegrass to heavy metal! I’m very grateful for being part of a creative and supportive team here at PartnerHero, as well as all the daily challenges and opportunities that we get. 

And now I challenge you to solve that old Rubik’s Cube you have in your drawer. Hit me up and I’ll teach you how! Stay magical!

Juan: Can you make that magic trick where you just disappear out of nowhere?

Fabiano: Of course man, I’m a magician. Check it out.

Juan: We can still see you.