Meet: Gabriela Moreira

Hello, my name is Gabriela and I am 34 years young. I am Brazilian and I live in a small town called Franca. I‘ve been working for PartnerHero for more than 2 years and this is my story.

Since I was young, I loved travelling. I remember I chose to go to the US instead of having a sweet 16 birthday party. In 2003 I went to India as an exchange student, and that was it. The travel bug had bitten me!

Since then I have lived in India, Germany, US, Singapore and Thailand. I’ve also been to more than 31 countries - and counting! I don’t intend to just visit the countries I go to, I want to live them, experience them, learn something new!

I think I am a very adaptable person, and I am not afraid of trying new things, from different food to different clothes and costumes. But french fries are still my favorite food in the world.

I’ve worked in a bunch of different jobs around the world. These experiences gave me the knowledge I needed to deal with all kinds of people with different backgrounds.
This helps me in my new challenge, which is working in the People Operations department at PartnerHero - I am loving it!

But the craziest and most exciting thing I have done in my life is being a mother. I remember people saying I was not the “typical mother” when I was pregnant, but I think I am doing a pretty good job! Julia already has been to 14 countries and she is the most amazing travel buddy, along with my husband Luiz.

I don’t expect to be always happy or to have a plan that works 100% of the time. I just look for new challenges and ways of learning something new everyday. I can’t wait to see what’s next!