Meet: Harold Mendoza

Hello everyone, my name is Harold Mendoza. I’m currently 24 years old and I work as a Lead Engineer for the Beacon team.

I was born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. When I was around 10 years old my family and I moved to the mountains and that sparked a passion in me for nature and landscape photography.

I decided to study Computer Systems Engineering and in mid 2020 I finally finished my major. Since I was a kid I liked drawing things on my iPad and building web pages. Because of this I was attracted to Software Engineering, but I grew a special interest for UX and UI Design.

I like to go hiking in the National Park La Tigra. And my favorite workout is going out for a run as it helps clear up my mind. And finally, one of my biggest hobbies is to play the electric guitar. I have been playing it since I was eleven years old and I have had the privilege to play in quite a number of events.

Oh, and I also like coffee.

Because I am an introvert, I wasn’t affected that much when quarantine started, so I used this time to double down on my habits. I am reading more, working out more, and journaling has become a daily habit. But I have also doubled down on watching tv series and playing a lot of video games.

I like privacy when working, so most of the time I work in my room. I have it setup to make it as comfortable as possible for me. But sometimes I like to work from the porch or the living room. And in some rare cases, a coffee shop will do the trick.

I would consider myself a person that likes being creative and artistic, but I am also a very logical person. I think coding merges very well those two aspects in me, as it allows me to build things using logic and art.

I am beyond blessed to be part of PartnerHero. I believe it is a good place to become a better engineer and a better person overall.

Thank you.