Meet: Josh Wilson

Hey, my name is Josh, I’ve been with PartnerHero for just over two months, and I’m on the support team here in Boise.

I’m originally from California in the Bay Area, but I’ve been in Boise for about 11 years now. I really enjoy the pace of this city, and how people treat each other here. Before PartnerHero, I worked in a variety of customer service and technical support jobs because I have always loved helping people. I’ve had a lot of different interests in my life, but the most important ones for me include traveling, cooking, playing video games, camping, and reading non-fiction books.

Currently I’m going to school full time at Boise State University studying both Economics and German while minoring in Psychology. I took the opportunity to spend a year studying abroad in a town called Lueneburg in Germany, and I absolutely loved the culture. I visited Germany and the UK a couple times before moving, but while I was living there I was able to see most of Western Europe. The next place on my list to visit is Vietnam, for its beauty, culture, and food.

When I first started here at PartnerHero, there was still a lot of set up going on in the Boise office. But I’m really impressed with how quickly everything came together. I’m so happy to be part of a group of such wonderful people. One thing that really stands out to me with PartnerHero is the global reach this company has. I really appreciate companies that embrace culture and diversity, and PartnerHero is doing just that. I hope to be a part of this eclectic family for a long time.