Meet: Luis Hernandez

Hey, I’m Luis, and I’m part of the Outreach team here at PartnerHero. I’ve been working in the company for a while now.

I was born and raised in San Pedro Sula, but I always considered myself to be a citizen of the world. I’m a lawyer and I practiced law for a few years, but I decided to take a different route in my life.

Before joining PartnerHero, I was a French teacher which gave me the opportunity to live in France for a year.  I’m a frequent traveler, but I decided to discover my country first, before heading out to the world again.

I believe every path I’ve been through has prepared me for the next chapter. Many things in life have inspired me, however dance is one of my biggest passions. I practice yoga every morning before starting my day and I recently started a small embroidery business, you can check my Instagram page. These things, the places and the people I’ve known have helped me develop the right skills for the job I’m currently doing at PartnerHero.

Working here has opened a lot of possibilities and opportunities for me, and I’m extremely grateful for it.