Meet: Mario Paz

Hola! My name’s Mario. I’m 35 years old and I’m the Talent Development Manager for PartnerHero.

I was born and raised in San Pedro Sula, Honduras and still live here in this beautiful city. I’m the youngest of three siblings and mom’s favorite. I love my country. My family would frequently travel to so many different corners of Honduras which developed my love for its land, its history and its numerous wonders. 

Believe it or not, I was usually the shyest, shortest kid in the room until I hit college. That’s when this social quirky butterfly was born. I love spending time at home with my infinite amount of plants. They add a unique livelihood to every room and keep me busy taking care of them. I also like going to the gym in the morning, watching movies, TV shows and anime, and cooking my meals everyday. *Ding* Oooh! The casabe is ready!

I started veganism as a 2020 New Year’s Challenge then COVID hit, so it became a long-term thing. I’ve become so much more conscious about what I consume and the kitchen is my mad scientist lab. I experiment with different flavors and combinations inspired by what I bump into on Instagram. 

Someday, I hope I can help my community through a way of education, like allowing people to learn about themselves through Yoga or maybe opening people up to new food by starting up a cute vegan spot. 

At work, I like coming up with solutions and helping people through their obstacles. It’s so rewarding to watch how others have an “ah-ha moment” or break through their challenges and reach their goals, similar to when I spot new leaves sprouting or watching some of my Yoga students reach more challenging postures or finally relaxing.

I try to find happiness in the little things, especially the easy simple things of life; like random acts of kindness. So keep an eye out for those opportunities to spread joy and I’m sure they will come back to you threefold. Toodles!